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CTW Weather/Night


Weather/ Day & Night CTW  

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  1. 1. Do you think they should add /ptime command and enable weather?

    • Yes, it will be cool.
    • Just allow /ptime.
    • Just allowe the weather.
    • None of them.

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So, I have been playing a lot of CTW, but it is a little boring that it is always in day. Why dont we add weather and night? I like being on night, at least add the 

/ptime command, just for yourself. 

This commands allows to establish for a player a time of the day.

And about the weather, I think there must be another command.

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1- We could add a plugin of voting day/ night/ sunset / snow / rain / thunder when the game ends. Premiums should have x2 votes and sponsors/ sponsors+ x3

2- Just leave /doDayligthCycle and /doWeatherCycle. From VIP to Sponsor it should be able to be modified, and add the rule of not abuse these commands. Like a limited time for changing both. (use both at same time legal)

3- We could leave it like the poll it is, just /ptime, but I did not found one command to make weather just for yourself.

4- Not ignore this post, like always -.-


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  • Manager

I don't see why we can't have a full day cycle, maybe just keep rain disabled to avoid client lag and save the staff complaints for that. Would be interesting to see some night time on there, gives the match a completely different feel.

And if indeed you can buy night vision potions (I haven't really noticed), it should be quite fun.

On 8/3/2017 at 0:53 PM, Main said:

That way, potions of night visions will be useful.

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