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There is a 12 year old Russian Player Named Forstep that Needs a talking to and maybe a temp ban.

Reasons: 1....   He Constantly accuses me of Griefing when in fact I blessed him with so much stuff when I left. The sheer disillusionment when U get accused of the opposite of doing someone such a                      good turn is gob smacking. I gave the kid 5 1k AE Drives full of good stuff and I walked away with a a few odds n ends. I gave him everything I received while voting and mining over                             the last week. And I get treated and bad mouthed by him the way he does? Admin please have a strong word with him.

               2.... He spams the chat to a point that its unpleasant and your chat gets lost in the many lines of his childish chat rushes.

               3... His Constant use of fowl language in main chat is really getting to me. Please do something about this.


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