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[Guide] How to run InfinityEvolved with shaders


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In this guide I want to explain how you can add shaders to your InfinityEvolved mod pack.


What to expect:

  • A beautiful world to explore and build in. 
  • A huge fps reduction. Don't do this if you already are low on fps. I have a GTX1060 6Gb, i5-6600k@4.2Ghz, 16Gb ram computer. And my frame rate varies between 20-80fps with shaders, depending on the environment.
  • Some setup time to try out different settings.

What not to expect:

  • A glitch free experience. There will be always some block that doesn't look quite right. 

What do you need:


  • Open the FTB launcher and edit the IE mod pack.
  • Open the mod folder and drop both the Optifine and ThermalShade jar file into this folder.
    The ThermalShade mod is a path that fixes facades from thermal expansion.
  • Disable fastcraft.
  • If everything goes right, you can now start IE.
  • When minecraft is running, go to options > video settings > shaders.KbvOUWt.png
  • Open the shader folder and drop the shader zip file in there.
  • Select the shader in the shader option menu.
  • Now you should have a working shader pack.


Now that you have your shader pack running, it's time to tweak some settings to get a better experience. I can't garante that everything will work for you. It will depend on your system and shader pack. Here is the part were you need to experiment.

  • Go to options > video settings > shaders > shader options. Disable Ice and glass reflections.HEt0b1G.jpg
  • Options > video settings > shaders. Set old lightning to "on". This can help with carpenter blocks shadows.g1MyZOD.jpg
  • There are many mods that use shader effects ex. thermal expension, botania, thaumcraft. Some of these effects can conflict when using a shader pack. Most of the time you can disable these effects under options > mod options. For some mods you will need to change it in the config files (...\FTBInfinity\minecraft\config).Eedtq1z.png
  • Setting the tesseract to use an alternative shader, can fix some weird looking shadows. Shaders don't like voids.
  • If you find more tweaks, don't hesitate to post it here below.
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