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[Unban] Isma


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[1] In-Game Username:   l______SD______l

[2] Details of Situation:   I'm banned permanently

[3] Ban Category:   Permanently

[4] Ban Duration: Permanently

[5] Staff Member: @brunyman

[6] ScreenShots:   http://prntscr.com/i7edsa

[7] Your Reason:   As people we are. We were always wrong. This time I got the wrong one.. I apologize for what happened and I understand that I deserved the ban. And that's why I'm here. It's been quite a while and I've had time to think about this issue. I hope it's understandable. And I'll agree to keep a conversation about everything that happened.

A greeting.


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It's not the first time you act in a bad way on CraftersLand. What you did over all your way in here is not something that we can forget just with an apologize, and this last incident were the worst.

This time, no one, except brunyman, will deny or accept your unban request. I ask you to please be patient until brunyman answer this topic.


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22 hours ago, SW33TDR34MS said:

@KayWolves I'm glad to see how you just see the bad side of people and not the good things that have been done. But what else will I expect from the person who has always gone to mourn the arms of the superiors. 

I will wait without any problem to Brunyman's answer.
Thank you.

You’ve only shown your bad side to this server time and time again. To be quite honest if I was Bruny I wouldn’t unban you. It sounds like you have a reputation for breaking rules and I can’t stand people who team grief. P.S. Being aggressive towards certain members in your appeal really will not help you get unbanned. How about showing your good side in your appeal, it’s the least you can do.

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Hello @Twynics.

How long have u been in this community? Because it looks like u're still not informed about who I am. I've been in this community since 2014 playing and since 2015 registered in the forum. 

I've been a Staff.
I grew up from being a normal user to being a Staff member (GM+ in my case). I don't think I've done the wrong thing when I've found myself at the top on this server.

· I have come to provide ideas that were never reviewed.
· I have reported errors and/or problems that occurred as things were being up dated.
· I have supported @Powerwarp to search Youtubers to record on the server of ArchePvP.

I could keep saying things I've done for this server since I got into the Staff. I could say a lot more than I'll ever forget. ut u don't deserve to be shown anything else, for addressing me without knowledge. 

But it is clear that in one person the most important thing is how bad it does or done. You'll never see the good part.

As humans we are, we tend to be wrong sometimes. 
This time I was wrong, giving up the bill in my absence.

I apologize and it's not enough for some.
What else do I have to do to be able to play again with the users I met on the server?

EDIT: Here I leave one of the tests in which I try to support the server giving my ideas. Adnd u give me LIKE on my post.


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