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Probably not an able command to be added, (COMMAND REQUEST)


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Hi there!

So I have little insight as to why NEI give access was recently revoked, however I know it was due to spawn grief or something? But I don't understand how that could've happened, but also I would like to have it back. Or at least know a date as to when the access will be given back. It's ridiculous that you had to do this to some Sponsors, Sponsor+'s, because most of us are pretty responsible with our commands, such as myself. However I would really like to know more about what happened and when we get it back, and if I can get it back now.


Account Name: XxZachxX
Rank: Sponsor
Requested Commands: NEI Give access back
Reason for Request: It was the reason I donated? It was taken away? Idk what to put here :P

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Hi, yes sorry about that, there was a bypass with it unfortunately but there was a fix rolled out for it, looks like it's not working. Can you confirm this NEI patch not working by asking other sponsors+'s if their NEI isn't working too? Thanks 

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