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Suggestion: Hi, I came up with an idea that players could set their own language of the server. Like if you're german and don't speak english very well, you could just do /language <language>.

Players could volunteer to be a translator, because a google translator or a mod isn't accurate, one of the admins tried to use and show me the mod, but it translated wrong. It wouldn't translate players messages, only the information of the server, scoreboards and etc.

Need of the suggestion: I think that it would be more convenient for others that don't speak english very well, they could set their native language for themselves and they would understand more.


I volunteer to translate Lithuanian language if you would import this feature in the future.

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On 4/23/2018 at 4:09 AM, brunyman said:

This is very complex, remember that a chat messages is sent too all players, to make this work you have to cancel that and create your own handlers to send the messages differently to each player

Yeahhh... I'm starting to see why that may be a problem now :P 

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A client mod would really help. The client would detect player messages and translate them before everything else happens. 


We could also make specific channels for each language. You could set your language to whatever language you speak, and meet up with others who use the same language. That channel would be the default chat (once you swap the channel, you simply chat in it and don’t need commands to chat in it. 


The global chat could either be used for English, or not used at all - any message would be responded to by a bot - “please select your language with /Lang <language>” in all common languages. 

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