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If you're reading this, it means you've made it on to our community forums. Whether you just happened to stumble upon a link to this thanks to one of our in-game broadcasts or asked a member of staff for assistance and they directed you here, we're happy to have you around! The forums are a place where you can stay up to date with the latest community and Minecraft updates, keep in touch with all your community friends, as well as file reports against rule breakers or request assistance.

Before we go any further with this guide, I'll have to ask you to read the following thread really carefully so you have a complete understanding of our forum guidelines and the punishments for violating the rules.

Done? OK, let's move on.



During your stay on the forums, you'll come across members of many different user groups. Here's a brief introduction to the groups that are used on our community forums.



Server groups

The following usergroups are named after the respective in-game staff ranks. You can PM these people with server-related questions. Make sure that you pick a staff member with a tag of the server that you play on! Click here for a brief explanation of the in-game staff ranks, so you can figure out the right person to PM for your issue.

Helper  ueEedk1.png

Judge  13NEd2g.png
Mod  5FXs5cG.png

Admin  QRoHtLL.png

GameMaster  GQYS0yd.png
GameMaster+ (Network only)  GQYS0yd.png

Our servers: Network (vanilla MC servers), Tekkit, Infinity Evolved, Direwolf20 1.7, Direwolf20 1.12, SkyFactory 2.5, SkyFactory 3, Revelation, Continuum, Interactions, StoneBlock 2, OmniFactory, Sky Adventures, Ultimate Reloaded. 






Additional groups

Moderator  pCFnmcV.png
(Has permissions for all sections. Moderators are the workhorses of the CL forums.)

S.Moderator  9X80SjZ.png
(Super Moderator with extra server permissions and ability to complete basic management tasks.)

Administrator  9X80SjZ.png
(Community manager.)

Founder  9X80SjZ.png
(Reserved for the owner of CraftersLand.)

Retired Staff 
(Staff member that has stepped down from their position.)




(Has bought a rank on at least one of our servers.)








Before you get posting, you're going to need to sign up for an account on the forums. Click on 'Sign Up' and follow the on-screen steps. When you've filled out the form, check your email (check your spam folder too!) for an activation email and follow the instructions to activate your account.







When looking to post a new topic, you have to make sure that you do it in the right forum. You want to scroll down slowly and take a close look at every single section before you submit a new thread. When you've found the right place, click on the forum name to continue. You can start putting your topic together by clicking on the green 'Start new topic' button on your right.



If your topic has anything to do with one of our servers (a complaint, bug report, suggestion, etc. BUT NOT a password reset or a rank transfer -we'll get to those later-) then you want to scroll down to the Minecraft Servers category.



And, just to clear things up:

Network Servers --> Our vanilla Minecraft servers on mc.craftersland.net & play.craftersland.eu/us.

Modded Servers --> Our modded Minecraft servers. (See 'Usergroups' for a list of the modpacks we provide.)

Let's say for example that I'm looking to report a rule breaker on the Revelation server. I would take a look at the Modded Servers parent forum and then pick 'Revelation' from the five (5) modded server forums displayed below.



Then I'd head over to Complaints, since that's where player reports go. First thing you want to do when you're in any forum and you're about to start a new topic is to check if there's a template that you need to follow in your thread. Templates are always first in the topic view and they're marked as 'Pinned'.



What I do now is, I click on the template (model) topic and copy the format.


Then I go back to Complaints and click on 'Start new topic'.



You want to paste the format in, fill it out with all the info required and also give your topic a title by replacing (Player name) with the name of the player you are reporting. When you've done that, you're good to post your thread by clicking on 'Submit Topic' at the bottom.



That's how to properly start a new thread in your desired forum using the right template. Now that you know where to find your new topic, you can check on it and reply to it whenever you want. If it's an account issue, a report or anything that needs to be handled by the staff, you'll get a reply from them on your topic letting you know of any updates. Please be patient with these as it might take a while to process your request. 

You'll find the following subforums in every server forum.

Rules (Server rules), General (Server info & questions), Guides (Player tutorials), Creations (Post your builds!), Complaints (Player reports), Unban Requests (Try and appeal your ban), Server Problems (Bug reports/server issues), Technical Support (more about this later, see note #2) and Suggestions (Player suggestions).

As you'll find out, there are plenty of other forums where you can have a chat with other members, talk about gaming, music, TV and even post an introduction thread so people get to know you better. (There's a template for that, too. :>) Don't be scared to post one, we're all very welcoming of new players! These general talk forums are pretty self-explanatory, you just can't get the section wrong. Stick to the forum rules and keep the discussions civilized. 




There are also forums where you can ask for your password on the server to be reset in case you've forgotten it, or ask to have your donor rank transferred from one of our servers to another. There are templates for both, you can find them up top when you click on the forum you want to post your topic in. You know the drill by now; copy the template, go back to the forum, start a new topic, paste in the template, fill it out then post. Simple, eh? We're glad you think so!




Last but not least, be sure to keep an eye on the Applications forum at the bottom of the index. That's where you can apply for the Helper rank, get a chance to be a part of our team and help us out. You need to make sure that you check what server(s) the application thread is for, meaning what server(s) we're looking to get new staff for, each time.




That concludes the basics of posting on the forums. Remember to always look for the right forum and check if there's a template that you have to use for your thread. (What can you do, templates really help I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

I wanted to keep this short, so we're gonna end with a few extra notes, couple things you should be aware of when using the forums to ensure that you have a great experience.



1. As you'll notice, there's a Rules subforum for every server under the Minecraft Servers category. When you start playing on one of our servers, one of the first things you want to do is click on that server's forum and then click on the Rules subforum. That's where you'll find a thread that contains all the server rules, often down to some awfully tiny details. Give that a good read so you don't find yourself desperately looking for the Unban Requests forum down the road. (Yes, there's a subforum for every server where you can try and appeal your ban if you think you were punished unfairly; careful, there's a template for that as well!)

Rules for our Network (vanilla) servers..



..or the Tekkit server if that's your cup of tea. You get the point, right?



2. There's also a subforum for every server called Technical Support. That's where you can post command requests (requires you to have a Sponsor or Sponsor+ rank on the server), refund requests, rollback requests, report an issue with your purchase and even more. There are templates available that you have to use for everything I just mentioned.

For example, here's a look at the Technical Support subforum for the Infinity Evolved server. Notice the templates that you need to use depending on your thread. If none of them fit your topic, then you can go ahead and post it without following a template. But be sure it's still a topic of technical nature, otherwise.. you're in the wrong forum buddy. Go back and look for the right one!




Note that both the SkyFactory and the Direwolf20 server forums have two (2) Technical Support subforums each, depending on the MC version of the server you're playing on. Make sure that you use the correct subforum for your server. If you don't, your thread will most likely end up confusing the staff and therefore take longer to resolve.




3. This is how you can access your user control panel and change your username, email, password and much more if you ever need to do that.






4. If you believe a post to be in violation of our forum/community guidelines, you can report it to us right away using the 'Report post' button. We highly encourage our users to report disturbing content to staff so it can be removed from public view as quickly as possible.




5. No matter the forum you're browsing, you should always check for pinned topics (marked with 8BZhJO0.png) at the top of the list in order to make sure that you don't miss any important information before you submit a thread.

6. If you have any questions about the forums in general or you're having trouble getting something to work on here, then you can go ahead and post a topic about it in the General Discussions forum. Some of our staff have a rather extensive knowledge of our forum software and will most likely be able to help you out.

7. If you have no idea where to put your thread even after reading all of the above, then you can PM a Moderator on the forum and ask them about it. We'll get back to you as quickly as possible. Click here to see how to send someone a personal message. To find a forum Moderator, head over to Browse -> Staff and simply run your mouse over the profiles shown till you find one. (Like this.)


That's it, happy browsing around. :)

We will add to this guide as we see fit.


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