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New level system


Level system  

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  1. 1. Which level system would you prefere

    • The ranks (What we have right now)
    • The levels (what im suggesting in this topic)
  2. 2. Which level would be the maximum

    • 100
    • 200
    • 500
    • Unlimited!

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Hey everyone,


So we all know the fame plugin on acv1.

Many players don't understand it and are disappointed that it gives no extra effect

If you are a master assassin and have another rank/prefix your name gets ridiculously long.

Also, it's not clear if someone is very good or not because no one knows the correct order of the ranks.


So we came up with an idea.

Basically, we hoped to solve all those problems with a new system.

In this system, we work with actual ranks.

For example:



We think this looks great and thought this would improve some points in today's system like:

-This causes less confusion by players since they can easily see if someone is good.

-Your name doesn't get too long.

-You can easily add effect to this (like every 10 levels a greater reduced fall damage buff)

-This would bring more competitivity between players.

-an unlocking system for new items.


These levels can be obtained by killing, opening dungeon chest and with spending ingame currency

Even when players have maxed out armour they still have a goal to work towards.


We really like this idea and hope you do too.

Let us know and tell us if you have other idea's

This idea what thought of by AlwaysJustin and BasGroen


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In my opinion, it's much better with lvls. There are lots of advantages, but for those who want to conservate rank names, they could be kept but not as a tag please. It's a mess the chat with Ac ranks + bought rank + tags + nickname.

The rank name could appear in stats for example, and group a number of levels for each rank, for example from 0-9 novice, from 10-19 blabla... So we could unblock new things each 10lvls, I think it would incivate more to play regularly so they can achieve new things, just as in ctw, but not too op items/buffs, just balanced stuff, not like ctw ehem. 


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