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Network is 1.13.2 Compatible and updated!


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Our Network is fully 1.13.2 Compatible! All our mini-games and we did a full 1.13.2 update on Creative, Hiipo, Pure and SkyBlock survival servers. This update only brigs fixes and performance optimizations.


If you want to know what was changed in this update check the video below:


Official Change log:



A Minecraft Java Edition Release

Got the Monday blues? Don't worry! Today we're releasing 1.13.2, a small release to address a few performance issues and upgrade issues left over from 1.13.1.

We hope this got you covered until Wednesday when we'll release the first snapshot of 1.14: The Village & Pillage Update!


  • Improved performance of upgrading worlds
  • Improved startup time
  • Improved performance of turtle pathfinding
  • Improved mob spawning performance
  • General other performance improvements
  • MC-134115 - Containers next to chunk borders can lose items when upgrading
  • MC-91621 - Mobs repetitively despawn and respawn rapidly at high Y coordinates (causing lag)
  • MC-137331 - Hostile and neutral mobs rarely spawn in positive Z coordinates
  • MC-137300 - ConcurrentModificationException thrown when upgrading world
  • MC-137229 - Book corruption when 1.8 world is loaded in 1.13
  • MC-136888 - Game crashes when shift-right-clicking a shulker box while holding bone meal
  • MC-136759 - Spawn eggs do not make sure that the entity is valid for the egg, allowing for arbitrary command execution in certain cases
  • MC-136526 - Crash when generating near top of world
  • MC-135453 - Crash while rendering block entity


Next we will do a full AssassinS update, stay tuned!

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