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Hello there !

Are you a newbie trying to explore some dungeons/structures but you're tired of seeing them already explored and all those loots you could've get ?

Or maybe a veteran but you didn't know this trick ?

Do you think a WIPE is the only solution ?

Well here I have your solution !

Simply put, all you need is a hunting dimension portal which create an alternative overworld dimension filled with unexplored dungeons/structures.

It also had a lot of dragons' nests.

So, how to craft the portal ?

First step : Get yourself some wood (32)


Second step : Craft some arrows (4)


Third step : Craft some hunting dimension frame (16)


Fourth step : Assemble the portal, just like a nether portal , and light it (Almost any weapon works to light it)


Fifth step : Sneak on the portal and enjoy the exploration !


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