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[Guide Book] Introduction and Part 1


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So, you're amongst the few that took up the challenge... of playing RLCraft!


Through this guidebook, I shall give my best to give every new player a (relatively) smooth start at this nightmare!

When I said relatively, I meant that there will always be moments when you're cornered and there's no where to go and the only exit is DEATH.




Firstly, when you have successfully registered, you're given a piece of stick and a golden shovel. For now, this is irrelevant, so you can stash it in your inventory. 

After that, and I can't stress this enough, you should definetly go and /vote. It's pretty important because of 2 reasons:

1. it keeps the servers' popularity (duh)


2. you get VOTE KEYS!

Vote keys are pretty important for only one reason: it's the only way to get your starter gear easily!


There are 3 types of vote crates:

1. The ordinary ''Vote'' Crate

2. The ''Legendary'' Crate

3. The ''Mystic'' Crate


You can check the contents of each crate by left-clicking the crate you're interested in. 

You can open crates with the correct key by right-clicking the crate.


So, after you got your starter gear...it's time to do some EXPLORING!

As terrifying as it may sound, it really isn't. But, you need to keep in-check with these following conditions when you're exploring:

1. what season is it currently (Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring) because it directly changes your temperature bar

2. is your food bar and water bar filled enough so you can safely explore

3. do you have the proper gear to do exploring.

The command to enter the ''Raid'' world is simple, /warp raid. When you're teleported, the next step is typing in the command /rtp (random teleport). You are then randomly teleported at some location, and here, it really depends on your luck. You can be randomly teleported into the depths of the sea, in a cave, or on a very high mountain which can cause your temperature bar to go down.

If you want to play it safe, I suggest that you exit the safe zone at /warp raid and go on foot!

On your way, you might encounter dangerous Lycanites mobs, dungeons, weird buildings...all of this I shall be posting at further notice.


For now, I think I have explained most of the basics you should know. 

Under this, there are posted pictures of vote crate items and some basic things.







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