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So, we're back with another interesting and very important item: baubles.

The game uses 5 mods that support baubles, but the most important are ''Bountiful Baubles'' and ''Trinkets and Baubles''. Both of these mods are pretty necessary to continue onwards.

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As you can see here, there are 7 total slots where you can place your baubles


The mod ''Bountiful Baubles'' provide the following baubles:

  1. Ankh Charm
  2. Ankh Shield
  3. Balloon
  4. Bezoar
  5. Black Dragon Scale
  6. Broken Heart
  7. Cobalt Shield
  8. Cracked Black Dragon Scale
  9. Cross Necklace
  10. Ender Dragon Scale
  11. Forbidden Fruit
  12. Gluttony Pendant
  13. Golden Crown
  14. Iron Ring
  15. Mixed Color Dragon Scale
  16. Obsidian Shield
  17. Obsidian Skull
  18. Phantom Prism
  19. Pride Pendant
  20. Ring of Free Action
  21. Ring of Overclocking
  22. Shulker Heart
  23. Sin Pendant
  24. Sunglasses
  25. Vitamins
  26. Wrath Pendant


The mod ''Trinkets and Baubles'' provide the following baubles:

  1. Ring of Enchanted Eyes
  2. Stone of Inertia Null
  3. Stone of Greater Inertia
  4. Sea Stone
  5. Wither Ring (on our restricted items list)
  6. Poison Fang Stone
  7. Stone of Negative Gravity
  8. Polarized Stone
  9. Ring of the Dwarves
  10. Ring of the Fairies
  11. Ender Queen's Crown
  12. Dragon's Eye


I've bolded out some of the baubles because most of them are pretty important and are the most used baubles.


Every bauble is unique in its abilities, so I'll leave it up to you to find out what each one does.

But, something I'll tell you right now is that most of the newcomers miss in, and that is the QUALITY of baubles.


Any way to reforge this? I tried gold ingots but that didn't work. : RLCraft


Most of the newcomers miss out on quality. As you can see here, when you've equipped this Ankh Charm, you will receive a -5% penalty in speed, dig speed and attack speed.

Also, you can receive a bonus to your stats. As you can see, the player equipped with this ''Violent Ankh Charm'' receives +8% in attack speed. 

These bonuses are called ''modifiers'' and they are a part of the ''Bountiful Baubles'' mod. 

There are in total 18 modifiers which affect the players' status.


But now you are asking...how can you change the quality and the modifier? 

It's pretty simple!


For starters, you'll need 2 so-called ''reforging stations''. One reforging station belongs to the ''Bountiful Baubles'', and the other belongs to ''Quality tools''.

The reforging station from ''Bountiful Baubles'' is used to change the modifier, and you simply use your EXP to change the modifier on your bauble.

The other reforging station from ''Quality tools'' simply changes the quality on your bauble, tool or weapon. This one though does not use your EXP. You need to use an item/material to change the quality.

The universal material to change the quality on any tool/weapon/baubles are NETHER STARS.

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