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Builder rank proposal


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Hi! My name is Alejandro and I am a 17 year old boy who is studying 
arts. For 7 years I have had a presence on the server 
and I have enjoyed all its game modes (I also remember playing with 
ElGamesHD, but this is another story ...). Lately for 1-2 months I 
have been quite active in AssasinsCraft mode and I have seen all the
 updates that have been made and that builders have been present in 
the participation of this. After talking with some sponsors and people
 from the server I decided to put this post because I would like to be
 a builder and have the opportunity to add new content to the 
AssasinsCraft mode with a lot of ideas that I have. My experiences 
building go back to 12 years, I have already been a builder on other
 servers in 2015 and I have always liked construction, the history 
that this can take, etc. But what I am going to, I would like to
 know if it could interest you, I would like to recover a little the
 old times and above all make more movement in this mode. Thank you
 very much for reading and I look forward to your answers!



A cordial greeting, 



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