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Thaumcraft 101 For Skyfactory


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Before we start

I know what some player may say: "Why not just to watch a mod spotlight or to read the wiki?"

Well, the answer is easy. Thaumcraft has alot of world gen stuff, that you cant get in skyfactory, making it impossible to play with thaumcraft in the normal way. That is the reason why there is a special section in the thaumonomicon to get worldgen stuff (I'll talk about it later), but its a little bit hard to get the items if you dont know what to do. Thats why I made this tutorial.

Since alot of skyfactory players dont know the mod at all, I'll make this tutorial for brand new players.


Where do we start?


  • The Shards



Thaumcraft 4 is adding 6 types of shards. Becouse we have ex-nihilo installed, you can use a hammer to break certain blocks to get thouse shards. In a normal world, they will spawn as 6 different ores called infused stones.

Fire Shard - Made of Ignis aspect (Fire) - Gathered by breaking netherrack

Air Shard - Made of Aer aspect (Air) - Gathered by breaking Double slab sandstone

Water Shard - Made of aqua aspect (water) - Gathered by breaking ice

Earth Shard - Made of terra aspect (Earth) - Gathered by breaking grass (not dirt!)

Order Shard - Made of ordo (Order) - Gathered by breaking obsidian

Entropy Shard - made of perditio (Entropy, chaos) - Gathered by breaking TNT

Get alot of them, they are in alot of crafting recipes.






  • The Basic Tools



As in every mod, to start you need some basic tools. The most basic tools are the iron capped wooden wand, thaumonomicon, scribing tools (you need 2),and a thaumometer. (Recipes included)

To make the thaumonomicon you need to click with a wand on a bookshelf.











Scanning and research



Now that you have all the tools, you can start with thaumcraft. The first thing that you will want to do is to make

a research table (recipe in the thaumonomicon, from this point all the recipes exist in the thaumonomicon). At first the interface will look confusing, but its fairly simple. The big square at the right is your research interface. the smaller square at the left is your list of aspects. the 2 slots at the top left are for scribing tools and a research note, and the bottom 2 circles and button are for aspects combining (I will explain all of them).

  • Scanning



First, you will notice that you have only 6 aspects, and its not really alot. Your first target will be to scan items to get all the other aspects. there are 50 aspects in total, so when you will have 50 aspects you will be done.

To scan an item you hold a thaumometer in your hand, and right click on a placed block/item or an item that you dropped on the ground, and it will start scanning. While scanning an item you will see notes on the bottom right of your screen telling you stuff. There are 3 possible outcomes:

a list of aspects: you successfully scanned the object

"You dont have the knowladge to understand this": you need to scan more stuff and to discover more aspects before being able to research it

"nothing can be learned from this": The item doesn't contain any aspects. usually items and blocks that thaumcraft doesn't recognize.

You can scan items that contain only the aspects that you know and aspects that you can create from your current aspects. for example, you will be able to scan dirt becouse it contains 2 terra, and you know already what is terra, and you will be able to scan smoothstone becouse its made of 2 saxum, which is made of terra+terra that you know already.

If you need help finding what items you need to scan, this site is really usefull: http://ftbwiki.org/List_of_Aspects at the bottom there are 8 spoilers, called tiers 0-7. you can ignore tier 0 since it contains the "primal" aspects. (A primal aspect is an aspect that cannot be created from other aspects, like ordo and ignis, and compound aspect is an aspect that is made of 2 other aspects). the tiers are made in order. you start with the aspects in tier 0, and its making that you can scan most of the items in tier 1. after you know all the aspects from tier 1 you can advance to tier 2, and so on. in thouse spoilers each item has a symbol, its name, its components, and some of the items that contain it. you want to scan the items that contain it, and if all of them dont work, you go to the research table, click on the 2 aspects that you see in its components, and it will show them in the 2 circles at the bottom left. Then you click on the button between them, and it will consume thouse 2 aspects to create the new aspect.

After you finished scanning and discovering all the aspects you will want to scan as many items and blocks as you can. You will need alot of aspects for the research.

  • Research

When you open your thaumonomicon you will notice that you have alot of  blinking shapes in it. each blinking shape is a research, and the shape itself is the type of research. Bright shapes are things that you already finished to research, and dark shapes are things that you cant research yet (that require previous research)

Square: normal research

Yellow Square: Secret research (I will explain later)

Circle: a research that will mostly give you an ability or info, not recipes for items.

Circle with pointy corners (http://prntscr.com/4av51e😞 Advanced circle

Hexagon: a research that can be purchased instead of researched. pretty much you click on it, and it will consume the required aspects to unlock it.

Now, to start a research, you need to have paper and scribing tools in your inventory. After that, you click on a blinking shape, and it will give you a research note. You place the research note in the research table and it will show you a page at the big square. (For the sake of this tutorial I will show the research for nitor since its the most basic one)

This small minigame is really simple. Your target is to connect all the aspects that you see at the beggining. if you have a "?" on one of them means that you dont know that aspect yet. To connect 1 aspect to another aspect you need to make a "chain" of aspects that connect to each other. An aspect will connect to another aspect if one of them is made of the other. for example potentia will connect to ordo and ignis becouse they make it, and it will connect to praecentatio becouse praecentatio is made of potentia and vacuos.




As you see in the screenshots, the beggining was to connect ignis and lux. lux is made of ignis + aer, so I could simply use this chain: lux - aer - lux - air - lux - ignis.

in some of the more complicated researches you will find situations of 4, 5 and even 7 aspects. All you need to do is to connect them all. (1 aspect can connect to 1 or more aspects! you can connect 1 aspect to up to 6 other aspects becouse there are 6 spaces around each space)

A more complicated example:




The first things that you will probably want to research are all the things from the basic information section. Especially the researches called research expertese and research mastery. they will allow you to see from what 2 aspects that aspect is made, and that shift clicking on an aspect will make 1 of it (consuming the 2 aspects that its made from of course)

  • Hidden/Secret researches

Some of the researches are hidden and you need to unlock them. To unlock a secret research you need to scan one of few specific items to unlock it. You know that you unlocked a hidden research when you see at the bottom right "you have discovered a clue to a new research!". Hidden research will appear in your thaumonomicon as a yellow square, and its research proccess is like a normal square research.

  • Research targets

This is a list of researches that I suggest to prioretize (the [] show in what section):

  • All the researches in the basic information section
  • [Alchemy] Essentia Destilation and everything in its tree
  • [Artifice] Goggles of Revealing, Enchanted Fabric, Infusion (Infusion will appear after you research essentia destilation)
  • [Golemancy] Different kinds of golems, Alchemy core
  • [skyAlchemy (ExA)] Everything. Its all important for your progress


  • The ichor tree (or TTkami tree)

this research tree was originally added by the mod TTkami, which was an addon to the thaumic tinkerer addon (sounds weird right?) but really fast was added as a part of thaumic tinkerer itself. This research tree is special, becouse to start its research, you need to finish all the research (including hidden research) from thaumcraft and thaumic tinkerer. This tree is adding alot of really strong and expansive special tools with special effects.

  • Small cheat

If you are really stuck, or really have hard time with a research, use this site: http://ythri.github.io/tcresearch/

its really easy. you select version 4.1.0g, and then you select 2 aspects that you have troubles to connect, and write what is the minimum distance(minimum aspects that you can to use to get from 1 aspect to the other)

you can click on the aspects at the bottom to choose aspects that it try avoid using.



There are 3 main methods to craft in thaumcraft 4:

  • Crucible

Every crucible recipe require 3 things: water, aspects and a catalyst.

First, you need some water. Its fairly simple. Just click with a bucket of water on the crucible.

Second, you need to drop in some aspects. how do you get aspects in the crucible you ask? well, remember thouse items you scanned? that had alot of aspects for your research? they also mean that if you will drop this item into the crucible it will generate thouse aspects in the crucible. for example, if you will drop a piece of dirt into the crucible you will get 2 terra in it.

Third: you will need to drop in a catalyst After you drop in all the aspects.



for example, this recipe is showing how to make nitor. it says that you need to drop in 3 ignis, 3 lux and 3 potentia, and then a piece of glowstone, and it will make you a piece of nitor. 

I happened to know that 1 torch has 1 nitor in it, and that 1 coal has 2 ignis and 2 potentia in it. so if we want to make nitor, we need to drop 3 torches and 1.5 pieces of coal, and 1 glowstone at the end. since its impossible to get half a piece of coal, you will need to double the recipe if you dont want to waste aspects, means that you will need to drop 6 torches, 3 pieces of coal, and 2 pieces of glowstone. Note that any excess aspects will make fluid or gaseous flux. the only way to get rid of them is to place a block on top of them. after every time you craft an item you will need to empty the crucible to prevent mix with the leftovers, simply by shift clicking on the crucible with your wand.

  • Arcane Crafting

The most simple type of crafting.

In this crafting, you will need to use vis. To store and use vis you will need your wand. You can make various types of wands. The better the core the more it will store, and the better the caps the less vis each recipe will use.

your basic iron capped wooden wand will store up to 25 vis and will consume 110% vis, means that for example instead of using 10 terra vis it will use 11 terra vis. to lower it you can either use a better cap, or to make goggles of revealing and thaumaturge's armor (in the Magic Fabric research section)

There are only 6 types of vis, which are the primal aspects (aer,terra,ignis,aqua,ordo,perditio)

There are 3 ways to charge your wand:

  1. Killing mobs will drop small colored orbs that will give you a little bit of vis
  2. right clicking with the wand on an aura node will will drain vis from the aura node. The node will slowely regen its aspects (warning: dont drain the node completely, or it wont be able to regen the aspects). There is something called wand recharge pedastal that will recharge the wand that it holds using nearby aura nodes. Some aura nodes have compound aspects, and the only way to drain them is to use a wand recharge pedastal with an upgrade.
  3. Wand foci of experience drain: Its a really advanced research, that will allow you to convert your own XP into vis.




To arcane craft, you will need the arcane worktable (recipe in the thaumonomicon)

You put the wand in the wand slot, and the recipe in the crafting grid, and it will use the required aspects to make the desired item. Note that in the example shown above it requires in the recipe 10% more vis than in the thaumonomicon, since its an iron capped wand.

  • Infusion crafting



The most complicated type of crafting in thaumcraft.

To infusion craft you will need a couple things:

1. Infusion altar

2. Essentia destilation system


The infusion altar



The infusion altar is a multiblock, and its the main part of your infusion crafting.

You will be able to make it after you finish researching infusion in the thaumonomicon, though you will need to research also skymatrix in the skyalchemy section to be able to make the matrix with your current wand.



Now, to acivate it you will need to right click on the runic matrix with a wand with 25 vis of every type. now, you filled up your wand with 25 vis, and you clicked on the matrix,You are probably asking yourself, why its not working? the answer is simple, you are probably using an iron capped wand. since its iron capped, it will cost 27.5 vis, and not 25. (25*1.1=27.5). So for it you must either make a wand with better caps, or to make the thaumaturges robes + goggles of revealing.

After you activated the altar, it will look like that:



After you activated the infusion altar, you need to add arcane pedastals, to hold the items for the infusion crafting. My suggestion is to use 12 pedastals since the highest emount of items that any recipe requires is 12 items. You must remember 1 main thing about the infusion altar. its all about balance and stability. At the bottom of every infusion recipe you will see its instability level. Instability may cause to either dropping the items off the pedastals or even completely destroying them, generating flux around the altar, damaging the player and alot of nasty effects, so one of your targets will be to keep the altar as stable as possible. At first the instability level of the recipes will be low, but as you progress the recipe will become more unstable.

thouse are the instability levels listed by order:

Negligible - Minor Moderate High Very High Dangerous

There is only 1 way to reduce instability - adding balance.

The only way to add balance is to build some specific things around the altar in a pattern. for example:



Things that you can use are: crystal clusters of any type, mob heads and skulls, candles, and the pedastals.

Note that the altar has a range of 10 blocks in every direction ! anything in a distance of more than 10 blocks from the altar wont effect it.


Essentia Destilation


Now, after you made a stable infusion altar, you need to get an essentia destilation system. Its fairly simple. All you need to make is an alchemical furnace, and 1-5 alembics (suggesting 5), and this is how you build them:



To use it, you open the Alchemical Furnace GUI by right clicking. It will look a little bit similiar to a furnace, but yet a little bit different.



As every other furnace, it requires solid fuel (like coal, wood, etc), and something to burn. 

After that, you need to put item to break in the top slot. the items that you put in there will be broken into their aspects, and the emount of aspect that they hold. For example, a piston is made of 4 motus, 3 arbor and 2 machina, so after burning it in the alchemical furnace you will get 4 motus essentia, 3 arbor essentia, and 2 machina essentia. The bar at the left is the "breaking" progress bar. The more aspects the item contains the more time it will take to break it to its essentia. After an item go broken into essentia, the essentia will be stored in the essentia buffer, and then it will be moved slowely into the arcane alembics. If you wear goggles of revealing you will be able to see what essentia there is in the alembic and how much of it. an alembic can store up to 32 aspect of 1 kind. if you got an aspect that you dont need you can shift right click on the alembic with that aspect, and it will delete that aspect.

Now after you made the essentia you need to store it somewhere to a way to move it to the storage.



There is only 1 thing that can store essentia, and its warded jars.

pretty much, every warded jar can store 64 essentia.

There are 2 types of warded jars:

Normal - can hold up to 64 essentia and wont except any more essentia when full

Void Jar - can hold up to 64 essentia, and any more essentia that it will recieve will be automatically voided.



There are 3 ways to transport essentia:

1. Glass phials: simply right clicking on the alembic with a glass phial, and it will take out 8 essentia and move it into the phial, an then click with the phial on the jar to move the essentia into the jar.

+ simple, cheap,fast

- manual, must store exactly 8 essentia.

2. Essentia tubes: Connect an essentia tube to an alembic, and then to a jar, and it will move the essentia from the alembic to the jar.



+ Fast, Automated, can pull any emount of essentia

- Can move only 1 type of essentia per tube.

Essentia tubes are usefull mainly for small systems to create a specific aspect.

3. Golems: Any kind of golem with an alchemy core. right clicking with it on the alchemical furnace, and then connecting it with the golemancers bell to the jars by right clicking on the golem and then on the jars. note that you need only to click on 1 jar, and it will also connect all the jars near it. I suggest to use an advanced tallow golem, with 2 earth upgrades and 1 aer upgrade. (and tiny hat, spectacle and bowtie for small boosts)

+ Alot of variations, allowing you to chose between a strong and slow golem, or fast an weak golem, upgradeable, fastest method of moving essentia.

- A little bit expansive, need infusion crafting to make the alchemy core.


The infusion crafting itself



now that you have everything you need, you can start with infusion crafting.



I will use this recipe as an example. it means that to make boots of the traveler, you will need leather boots, 2 Enchanted Fabric, 2 Aer shards, 1 featehr and 1 fish. It also requires 25 iter essentia and 25 volatus essentia.

it mean that to infusion craft boots of the traveler, you will need boots of the traveler at the middle pedastal, and put the other items around it on the outer pedastals, and you will need 25 iter and 25 volatus essentia in a nearby jar. Note that to keep balance, you will also need to put the items in a balanced way, means that in front of every item there will be another item.



To start the infusion you simple right click on the runic matrix with a wand. if you wear goggles of revealing and look at the runic matrix it will show how many aspects left to drain.

Usefull Items



This is a list of usefull items that everyone should get

  • Wand

Wand is the most usefull item in thaumcraft, since its used for most of the crafting in it. The wand is made of 2 parts: a wand core and wand caps.

Wand core


The wand core is determining how much vis the wand will store.

stick: 25 vis

greatwood wand core: 50 vis

elemental wand core (bone, reed, blaze, obsidian, icy, quartz): 75 vis, and they will slowely regen vis of 1 aspect, depending on the core type.

silverwood wand core: 100 vis

Ichorium strapped silverwood wand core: An amazing amount of 1000 vis

Wand caps


The wand cap determines the vis discound of the wand, the better the cap the less vis any crafting or use of it will cost.

iron caps: 110% - really terrable, will use 10% more vis per use. upgrade as fast as possible

copper caps: 105%

gold caps: 95%

charged silver caps: 95%

charged thaumium caps: 85%

Ichorium caps: 75%

Note that charged silver caps, charged thaumium caps, and ichorium caps can drain vis faster from aura nodes.

  • Goggles of revealing

Magical glasses that will allow you to see magical things in the world. Including: Aura nodes, amount of essentia in warded jars and arcane alembics, additional information during arcane infusion and such.

Will also add vis discound of 5%

  • Theumaturges robes



full set will give you an additional 5% vis discound


  • Boots of the traveler

They are really usefull for traveling around. wearing them will give you an additional speed and jump boost, and also step assist, so you can automatically walk up 1 block without jumping

  • Runic armor

This is a special armor. its not a normal armor like iron or diamond armor, its a magical shield that will protect you. each time something will damage you, all the damage will go to the runic armor. every time the runic armor is damaged instead of losing durability it will lose charge. by default you have 54 charge in total. when the runic armor is out of charge, you will be damaged like if there is nothing protecting you. the runic armor will slowely regen its charge over time. You can also infuse them with boots of the traveler and goggles of revealing to have both on at the same time.

this armor isn't enchantable with normal enchants, but it has its own special enchants

Energetic: the runic armor piece will recharge 20% faster

Augmented: the runic armor piece will store more charge

Kinetic feedback: When the runic armor is drained of all its charge it will cause an explosion. the more armor pieces with this enchant you have the stronger the explosion will be

Revitalizing feedback: When your runic armor is completely drained of all its charge it will give you a regeneration effect. the more runic armor pieces with this enchant that you have the effect will be stronger

This effect has a cooldown of 30 sec.

Hardened: When your runic armor is completely drained it will give you some additional normal armor protection.

Emergency Shielding: When your runic armor is out of charge this enchant will add an additional 8 charge points, and will spread them between all the armor pieces. each piece with this enchant will give 8 more chrage, stacks up to 32 emergency charge for full set.

Note! You can have only 1 enchant at a time!

  • Enhanced tools
  • Pickaxe of the Core



When mining ores with this pick you have a small chance to get native clusters instead of normal ore. native clusters can be smelted to get 2 ingots of that type. works only on iron,gold,silver,copper,tin and lead.

Right clicking with the pickaxe of the core will make small fireballs appear, and they will show you nearby ore.


  • Axe of the Stream

When cutting wood with this axe, instead of cutting the wood that you are looking at, it will cut the most far away block of wood that is connected to that block by other wood blocks, causing you to chop down the whole tree from the top to the bottom just by punching the bottom part of it. Right clicking will cut it faster for the cost of more damage to the tool. Holding shift will disable all its special properties and it will work like a normal axe.

  • Sword of the Zephyr

Hitting an enemy with this sword will also cause damage to all the enemies around him. Right clicking with this sword will push enemies around you.

  • Shovel of the Earthmover

When used to dig any material that a normal shovel can dig, it will dig a 3x3 area. if you will right click on a block it will place a 3x3 of the same block around it as long as you have enough of that block in your inventory. holding shift will disabled its special properties and it will work like a normal shovel.

  • Hoe of Growth

When you right click with it on the ground it will make a 3x3 of farmland instead of a 1x1. if right clicked on a plant it will bone meal it and will cause it to grow (not working on magical crops!) Holding shift will disable all its magical properties and it will work like a normal hoe.




Since in skyfactory we live in a skyblock world, there isn't any normal worldgen. so how do you get all the worldgen things that you will need?

Aura nodes: The will naturally spawn in the nether, usually about 1-10 blocks above the lava level but they were spotted also in higher places.

Silverwood, Greatwood, Obsidian totems, Shimmerleaf, Cinderpearl: There are researches in the SkyAlchemy[ExA] section that will allow you to craft them.

Shards: Breaking certain blocks with a hammer will occasionally drop a shard. (more info in the "Where do we start" section)



This is pretty much it about thaumcraft. Everything you need to know is written either here or in the thaumonomicon.

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Yea, it took hours to make this post. literally. I went into most of the details in thaumcraft. took me few hours. and I know that it wont be useless. myiume added a command ingame on skyfactory to post that link. if anyone will ask anything about thaumcraft, write !thaumcraft and bam, no more questions  :P

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