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Pixelmon Reforged server update to modpack version 8.3.1!


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  • Founder


Time for a big update for Pixelmon! Tons of new stuff, check the long change log below! "A spooky update"

You can download the modpack from ATLauncher, Technic Launcher or on CraftersLand Launcher, where it has few additional optional performance mods.

Server address:  pixelmon.craftersland.net




  • Updated mods
  • Updated configs and libraries
  • Updated launcher pack

Change log:


Pixelmon 8.3.1

"Changelog guy is making pumpkin soup right now so this is a soup-er spooky changelog"


New Forms:
  • Added Spirit Breloom
  • Added Spirit Cresselia
  • Added Spirit Dragapult
  • Added Spirit Drakloak
  • Added Spirit Dreepy
  • Added Spirit Eevee
  • Added Spirit Espeon
  • Added Spirit Flareon
  • Added Spirit Glaceon
  • Added Spirit Jolteon
  • Added Spirit Leafeon
  • Added Spirit Mareanie
  • Added Spirit Milotic
  • Added Spirit Mimikyu
  • Added Spirit Porygon2
  • Added Spirit Regieleki
  • Added Spirit Shroomish
  • Added Spirit Suicune
  • Added Spirit Sylveon
  • Added Spirit Toxapex
  • Added Spirit Umbreon
  • Added Spirit Vaporeon
Updated Models:
  • Updated Gligar
  • Updated Gliscor
  • Updated Lampent
  • Updated Chandelure
  • Updated Vending Machine
  • Added Stone Graveyard
  • Added Swamp Graveyard
  • Added a battle config category (Reset your hocon to see this)
  • Added allowCatchCombo config option
  • Added a config option for Den spawning on liquids.
  • Added config options for Boss levels.
  • Shiny Pokemon now have gold names in battle
  • Added new config options to control breeding regional forms by dimension.
  • Battle errors will now export to their own log files.
  • Added a config to allow/deny juice crafting.
  • Added the Strike and Ashen robes.
  • Added settings to allow fine tuning of Catch combos
  • Added a set of config options to control Master/Park ball use at specific star levels.
  • Added a config option to allow only trhe leader of a raid to catch after a win.
  • Added a set of config options to set the health percentage Raid captures are calculated at.
  • Added 52 miscellaneous items for use, be it for quests, interfaces, etc.
  • Added Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, and Black Flute.


  • Dens can now spawn in mesas.
  • Dens can now also spawn in modded biomes.
  • Z-Move button is now disabled in raids.
  • Low level raids are now harder.
  • Dens now spawn less frequently.
  • Dens and Pokestops are no longer affected by movement plates. The gif was funny but people complained...
  • Change some icon position icons in the battle GUI.
  • Raid end screen now shows shininess.
  • Dens will now spawn in the Nether.
  • Max imprint for a TM is now shown to the client, even if altered.
  • Added emissive texture to Noivern.
  • Dens can now be broken in survival with repeat hits with a pickaxe.
  • Added Park Balls to the default boss drops.
  • Rebalanced default raid drops.
  • Added an engage distance setting for NPCs with a "x and engage" (i.e. walk and engage) AI mode
  • Added a spawning tweak to increase pokemon levels when spawning at a lower y axis (in caves)
  • Berry juice now has variable boosts based on what ingredients were used.
  • Summer Raichu now has the stats of Alolan Raichu.
  • Evolving a Magby while your party contains a Special form Slugma will now make the Magmar gain the special form as well.
  • Badge cases can now be equipped to show off all the badges inside it on your player model.
Quest Changes:
  • Drowned world can now be left by sinking/rising.
  • Added success argument type.
  • Defeat wild objective not triggering if KO was indirect (eg poison)


  • Fixed Ultra Space movement being sluggish
  • Fixed issues with breedlogic always giving alolan forms of pokemon.
  • Raid blacklist now works as intended.
  • Fixed issues with sounds for forms of a pokemon mixing with the sounds of the parent species.
  • Fixed OTs being wiped, and add recovery for lost OT UUIDs.
  • Fixed issues with the battle music causing crashes if the sound manager was reloaded during the game session.
  • Level and egg move icons are correctly positioned in Pokemon's learnlist.
  • Fixed issues with the superUniversalTM and universalTM config options.
  • Argument.cast not reverting to default value if cast failed.
  • Fixed dynamaxed ditto taking over the world.
  • Dynamax state now resets after a raid.
  • Ultra Space lets you go home instead of murdering you.
  • Alolan Grimer will now count as Dark type for Pancham to evolve.
  • Fixed a missing particle effect with Arceus spawning.
  • Fixed a crash from cushion chair when interacting with a dye of a color the chairs don't have.
  • Fixed a Raid infinite spawn loop.
  • Fixed streetlights not hanging properly.
  • Fixed Legendary despawn config option ignoring a change.
  • Fixed spectators being able to send out Pokémon.
  • Fixed shiny Gigantamax Urshifu sprites being incorrect.
  • Fixed Creator Lucario sprite.
  • Fixed Eggs' underlying species being revealed by PC searching.
  • Optimized isLegendary - Now using an EnumSet rather than an ArrayList
  • Optimized isUltraBeast - Now using an EnumSet rather than an ArrayList
  • Optimized TileEntityBerryTree - Reduced calls to getting blocks from world
  • Optimized DateObjective in Quests
  • Optimized Pixelmon entity despawning
  • Optimized ExtraStats
  • Fixed Ditto's move set not resetting on switch out and faint
  • Fixed PokeDex and TrainerCard showing disabled generations of Pokemon
  • Fixed PokeGifts allowing transferring untradable Pokemon
  • Fixed evolution not happening if you cancelled learning a move beforehand
  • Fixed crash when using the Z-Move form of Weather Ball in weather
Battle Fixes:
  • Delta Stream can no longer be overridden by normal weather.
  • Weather created by Desolate Land, Primordial Sea and Delta Stream no longer stay on the battle if defeated by a Pokemon with Mold Breaker, Teravolt or Turboblaze.
  • Foresight now fails against Pokemon with Foresight status and ignores evasion.
  • Mean Look now ends on the same turn its user fainted.
  • Fixed an issue with Trace not properly copying an opponent's ability.
  • Fixed targeting issues with triple and horde.
  • Z-Parting Shot now correctly heals on switchout.
  • Dynamax Ditto will now copy movesets on Transform.
  • Splash, High Jump Kick, and Magnet Rise now correctly fail when affected by Gravity.
  • Chilan Berry now only affects Normal type.
  • Contrary and Simple will no longer affect Z-Moves.
  • ZStatusMoves use their base accuracy now, instead of always hitting.
  • Z-Me First will now correctly copy moves.
  • Weather no longer overrides No Guard if a player is using a move that has its accuracy affected by weather.
  • Counter, Mirror Coat, and Metal Burst can now break a Substitute.
  • Bolt Beak and Fishous Rend no longer do enough damage to remove a Pokemon from existence.
  • Destiny Bond is no longer spammable.
  • AI will no longer spam just Stealth Rock.
  • Copycat can no longer copy Max moves.
  • Fixed Minior not swithing back to Meteor form upon health recovering to above 50%.
  • Fixed Minior removing entry hazards upon entering the battle.
  • Fixed an issue with npc switching in double battles.
  • Wild Charge now makes contact.
  • Fixes Emergency Exit causing a crash.
  • Fixed Dark-types not being immune to Mirror Coat.
  • Fixed Ghost-types not being immune to Counter.
  • Fixed an issue in Raids, not being able to catch after battle.
  • Fixed Obstruct not dropping physical attackers' defense.
  • Fixed BreakneckBlitz being incorrectly typed in weather (i.e. against Groudon would be not very effective due to the harsh sunlight).
  • Fixed Max Moves not using their own targeting properties.
  • Fixed trainers being able to Mega and Dynamax at the same time.
  • Fixed Crowned Zacian and Zamazenta typing in battle.
  • Synchronize nature swap now has one roll chance per Pokemon.
  • Fixed Misty Terrain not preventing bad status conditions for Pokémon on the ground when attacked by Pokemon flying.
  • Pokemon with Guts will no longer receive Guts' attack boost the turn they wake up from Sleep.
  • Knock Off will now correctly remove Red Card instead of Red Card switching out the Knock Off user.
  • Knock Off now correctly does not remove the target's held item if the Knock Off user faints from Rough Skin, Iron Barbs, or Rocky Helmet.
  • Fixed Receiver & Power of Alchemy stating they were switching from the ability that they were switching to.
  • Fixed Encore only lasting for two turns instead of 3.
  • Trying to Paralyze a Sleeping opponent will no longer state that they are already paralyzed.
Quest Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with AbsolutePositionObjective
  • Fixed a rare crash with flagActions
  • PokemonObjective now works for empty spec, this fixes some default quests


  • Battle End tasks now work properly, and hold an extra parameter.
  • Fixed the ApricornWatered event
  • Added a BerryWatered event.
  • Added a HyperTrainEvent.
  • ItemUIElement now has baked model support, so can be used for actual items.
  • Split out ItemUIElement's sprite sheet into separate files.
  • Added PlayerPartyStorage#queryResourceLocationExistence. Allows checking for the existence of a specific ResourceLocation on the client.
  • Added PlayerPartyStorage#registerKeyListener and PlayerPartyStorage#deregisterKeyListener. Allows containers with an ItemUIElement in them to listen for key presses by registering a callback method.
  • Updated SpawnerCoordinator to use ExecutorService
  • EnumSpecies.legendaries and EnumSpecies.ultraBeasts are now Set<EnumSpecies>
  • All other form lists in EnumSpecies have been converted from List<EnumSpecies> to Set<EnumSpecies>
  • Added 'unsafe' methods to the IPixelmonBankAccountManager so you don't have to use optionals all the time IPixelmonBankAccountManager#getBankAccountUnsafe(UUID) and IPixelmonBankAccountManager#getBankAccountUnsafe(EntityPlayerMP)
  • Added NBT boolean tag Unequippable, which can be applied to equippable items such as badges to make them not so.
  • Server resource packs (the one in server.properties) now has a max size of 600 MB, up from 50 MB.
  • The shrine interact events now provide the instance of the tile entity that was interacted with.

Download our launcher HERE!


Thank you all for support!




A pokemon world!



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