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Pixelmon Reforged server update to modpack version 8.3.4!


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Time for an update for Pixelmon! Fixes and new pokemon forms, check the change log below! "Forms, fixes and... spikey hair?"

You can download the modpack from ATLauncher, Technic Launcher or on CraftersLand Launcher, where it has few additional optional performance mods.

Server address:  pixelmon.craftersland.net




  • Updated mods
  • Updated configs and libraries
  • Updated launcher pack
  • Maintenance complete

Change log:



New Pokémon Forms:
  • Added new Alter Pokémon to finish the lines around the existing ones.
  • Added Alter Bagon
  • Added Alter Baltoy
  • Added Alter Doublade
  • Added Alter Froakie
  • Added Alter Frogadier
  • Added Alter Honedge
  • Added Alter Marill
  • Added Alter Porygon2
  • Added Alter Porygon
  • Added Alter Shelgon
  • Added Alter Zorua
  • Added a new Creator form (Sirud)


  • Updated the list of moves CopyCat (Attack) cannot use.
  • Optimized checking a Pokémon's boss mode.
  • Transfer Moves and Tutor Moves are now properly reflected in base stats, and server side adjustments to them will be respected.
  • Default the superUniversalTMs config option to false.
  • Switched npc entities to use persistenceRequired nbt tag instead of our own tag that does the same thing.
  • Certain Pixelmon Items can no longer have enchants added to them via an enchanted book/anvil.
  • Added a new button to the NPC editor to create a Transfer Tutor.
  • Armor stands can now display Safety Goggles.
  • NPC Tutors now have settings for what learn pools are considered when checking if a Pokémon can learn a move they teach.


  • Fixed Munna and Musharna not getting an increased catch rate with moon balls.
  • Fixed The Pokedex UI showing an abbreviation of meters when it should have been kilograms.
  • Fixed GS and Park balls having a chance to break when thrown out of battle.
  • Fixed an issue where a ghost of your Pokémon would stay in the world if traded away while it was sent out.
  • Raid Dens will no longer misinform the user of the Pokémon's form.
  • Fixed an issue where some button click sounds would be louder than normal.
  • Fixed a bug where Max Ether and Max Elixir were only restoring 10 PP.
  • Fixed a bug with the IV and EV command spec not updating the IV/EV value.
  • Fixed a bug with the Gender command spec throwing an error when trying to use it.
  • Fixed an issue with some small Pokémon constantly suffocating in the block its standing on.
  • Fixed some visual bugs caused by wearing a badge case.
  • Fixed an issue where you could breed Mime Jr. without the parent holding a Odd Incense
  • Fixed the despawnRadius config option not applying without a restart.
  • Fixed Oval Charm not reducing egg production times.
  • Fixed an issue where Jump! forms were calculating weights incorrectly causing the rarest forms to be rarer then intended.
  • Fixed an issue with Oa10712's Rod not fishing up the right kind of Pokémon.
  • Fixed an issue with Transfer Tutors allowing learning a move outside what a Pokémon could be taught from prior generations.
Battle Fixes:
  • Fixed losing PP Ups/PP Max levels after using the Rusted Sword or Rusted Shield held items.
  • Fixed Status Z-Moves not using the priority from the underlying move.
  • Fixed an issue with No Retreat not applying if the user tried to apply it whilst affected by Mean Look.
  • Fixed an issue where Heavy-Duty Boots were not clearing Toxic Spikes when a poison-type Pokémon was switched in.
  • Fixed an issue with Substitute not stopping Pokémon from being Flinched.
  • Fixed some edge case issues with the Inner Focus ability.
  • Fixed a battle crash caused by the Regenerator ability trying to heal its user when fainted.
  • Fixed an issue where an Imposter Ditto could transform into a fainted Pokémon.
  • Fixed an issue with Sky Drop that allowed some attacks to hit when they shouldn't have.
  • Fixed an issue where Secret Power was not being affected by Serene Grace.
  • Fixed Secret Power causing secondary effects other than lowering the defence stat in Ultra Space.
  • Fixed Aurora Veil should not have been reducing damage when a critical hit landed, a move with direct damage was used, or self inflicted damage.
  • Fixed Aurora Veil not reducing damage by half in single battles.
  • Fixed Frisk not checking all opponents for items and issues where it wouldn't take an item.
  • Fixed Healing Wish activating when a healthy Pokémon switched in.
Quest Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with the Redstone quest.


  • Added a RecieveType of Custom for sidemods to use for better compatibility between sidemods.

Download our launcher HERE!


Thank you all for support!




A pokemon world!



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