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Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons server update to version 1.52 is complete!


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Server address:  rad.craftersland.net


Server update to modpack version 1.52 is complete. There quite some changes in this update, details below.

This update is available for download on CurseForge and our CraftersLand Launcher.



Also we moved the server to a new host with a more powerful CPU i9 12900K, should help a bit with the extra single threaded performance.


  • Updated mods
  • Updated configs and scripts
  • Maintenance complete
  • Updated launcher


Official changelog:


Main changes:

- more quest fixes

- added a ton of items to reforge materials

- 4 new starting gear added

- enchanting tweaks

- electroblob’s wizardry tweaks and additions

- Quest Fixes

* “A Certain Game I Know Has Nothing On Us” Now quest now correctly accepts any grappling hook to finish instead of needing all.

* Added Warning to colossal chest quest regarding keeping it in one chunk

* Added warning to bag of holding quest related to how buggy the item is

* Removed empty loot crates from shop

* Fixed loot crates that were not giving correct rewards

* Redone Amazing Architects chapter

* Adjusted a few quest descriptions to warn or inform the player better

* Finished Thaumcraft and Midnight chapter descriptions and titles

* Removed witherpet from creepy crawlies quest

- Added mining points to all ores that were added to caverns in 1.5

- Re enabled viescraft workbench

- Added a ton of items to reforge materials

- Recipe for difficulty hearts

- Tweaked Warlord Starting gear

- Removed empty shops added scaling health section with difficulty hearts

- Increased cooldown of juggernaut pet invulenrabillity and weakness

- Remove recipe for juggernaut and mickerson pet

- Removed empty shops added scaling health section

- Disabled doom potion due to a bug

- Updated Last Stand Formula added 4 new script files - resolves #369

- Starting gear additions/ changes

- Enchantment uncapping

- And unique enchantments fixes

- Electroblob’s wizardry

* Added obelisk to the following dimensions (the structures that spawn those little wisp things) lands of icaria, huge caverns , wide desert , midnight, twilight forest

* Added hostile ebob mobs to normal caverns , huge caverns , frozen caverns , wide desert,

* Added shrines to midnight , twilight forest

* Added battle mages camps and bases to frost mountains, wide desert , dark forest, lands of icaria, twilight forest

* Added wizard towers to crown cliffs, frost mountains , wide deserts , twilight forest, lands of icaria

* Disabled possession due to a dupe

* Added fluid state for all crystals - Scaling health

* Made all mirage dimensions +45 difficulty

* Made twilight and aether + 10 difficulty

- Fancymenu 2 New images for slideshow on main menu related to icaria

- Enchanting

* Uncapped all enchants except certain ones to level 100

* If an enchant breaks past a certain level please dm Doctor Mage#5234 about it so it can be adjusted

* Last stand formula was changed so that at higher levels the cost of saving from death is more expensive than having exp at lower levels

- Added all aether mobs to war's odiums black list

- Made living incompatible with grimoire due to a bug

- Added aether mobs to blacklist for wars odium

- Starting Gear changes

- Changed the name of some weapons and armour

- Gave each armour its own colour and name of gear it belongs to

- Rebalanced some distribution

- All weapons changed from invar to bronze

- Gave gears that have their own potions colours 4 new starting gear added

- Blade dancer Includes Full Chain Armour Unique chain boots +1 step height, +5% speed , -1 Armour Double jump 1 enchant Bronze Throwing knives 10 Bronze Glaive

- Warden Includes Full Iron Armour Unique Chestplate Golem Soul 2 Enchant Unique Boots Protection 1 Enchant Bronze Warhammer Unique Potion Resistance 1, 90 Seconds Slowness 1, 30 Seconds Absorption 1, 30 Seconds

- Wizard Includes Full Basic Wizard Armour Basic wand with magic missile 4 small mana flask Wizard Handbook 3 Scroll of identification

- Warlord Includes Bronze Greatsword +5% Attack Speed -0.25 Reach -5% Attack Damage Full Iron Armour Unique Boots Projectile Protection 1 Unique Potion Slowness 1, 10 Seconds Strength 1, 90 Seconds Blindness 7 Seconds Hunger 2, 30 Seconds

- Disable default emerald armour recipe in place for a custom one

- Custom recipe for emerald armour making it harder to get early on

- added boss mobs to endest reap and reset config so it works correctly

- added battle mages camps and bases to frost mountains, wide desert , dark forest, lands of icaria, twilight forest

- added boss mobs to endest reap and reset config so it works correctly

- Amazing Architects Revamp + quest clarifications

- Added in new reward tables and changed quest

- Cleaning up the script files deleting old ones and small changes to help cleanup various small issues


Updated 8 files

Removed 7 files

Added 3 files

- Craft presence

- Content tweaker

- Loot tweaker



Please expect more patches, content additions and fixes in the future!

Stay tuned! Be a part of this revamp - leave your feedback and suggestions in our discord server!


Download the mod pack using our launcher here: LINK

Banned Items: HERE!

Daily Reward: HERE!

Donate to support us: HERE!



Adventuring and exploration, looting and fighting


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