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[Guide] Starting Out On Tekkit


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For anyone new, who wants to learn a bit more about starting out on Tekkit, this is a place for you to hopefully get some tips, and a little more insight to how you can start out.


Note: Tekkit comes with NEI. This will indefinably help you with crafting. I am only putting crafting recipes for the fact.



First things first, you follow a normal minecraft start. You would start by collecting basic resources, like wood, coal, iron, ect. The first modded block you craft by my recommendation is the Quartz Grindstone. The Quartz Grindstone acts almost like a pulverize, but instead of using power, and you get a 90% chance of doubling, instead of 100%. uses manual cranking via the crank shaft (left click). This will effectively double your resource output, and give you the extra head start towards automated machines and power.


Quartz Grindstone Crafting:


Wooden Crank(required with Grindstone):



Resource Collection

So now that you have basic doubling of resources available to you, now, you need to get the resources. A more common ore that I personally like early game is a Peridot, Sapphire, or Ruby pickaxes. They last around 1/2 as long, but mine the speed of diamond. All of these are crafted as a a pickaxe is normally crafted, with the respective materials in the place of the head. 


A ruby, sapphire or peridot sword does the same amount of damage as diamond, but lasts about 1/2 as long. Crafting is the same, with respective materials in place.


I would personally recommend mining a couple hours before going to the next step. You will always need these resources, especially if you want to stop manually pulverizing ores. Only go on to the next step if you have a total of about 64 copper, 32 tin, 12 gold, and 16 silver.


Starting Power

So you are on the verge of getting carpal tunnel from mining, and operating the grindstone. It's time to start power. First of all, make a cresent hammer. It is important.


There is different tiers of power, 1 being earliest, 6 being end game.


Tier 1 (You!) - Dynamos

Tier 2 - Big Reactors' Reactor

Tier 3 - Big Reactors' Turbines

Tier 4 - Atomic Science Fission Reactors

Tier 5 - Atomic Science Fusion Reactors

Tier 6 - Atomic Science Fulmination Generators


Your first power will most likely always be some type of dynamo, I recommend a steam dynamo. It is efficient, easy, and outputs a really good amount of power. For this basic system, you will need the following:


- Steam Dynamo

- 1 Fluiduct, with pneumatic servo

- 1 Aqueous Accumulator 

- 2-3 Leadstone energy conduits.

- 1 Leadstone energy cell (optional) 

- Coal or charcoal (a good amount)



Steam Dynamo

Aqueous Accumulator

Leadstone Energy Conduits

Leadstone Energy Cell (Not required)


Cresent Hammer


Note: If you have for example a oil spring near your base, you may want to use a compression dynamo, because the resource is plentiful at your location. If you did this, replace your steam with compression, and again use the water as coolant.


Pictures of a possible setup.




After you have your power setup, you are ready to make a few basic machines. The two most basic machines are the Redstone Furnace and the Pulverizer.  A pulverizer uses energy to do what a grindstone does, but with a 100% chance of success, and small chances for other minerals you may need. You may need additional conduits if you have not made them. After you have stabilized power, I highly recommend getting yourself a quarry.



Redstone Furnace



Quarries and the next tier power

If you want to start running things like quarries, you will need to up your power tier. My reccomendation, is not to spam steam dynamos, but make a small reactor. I cannot explain to you Big Reactors that well in text, it is a very complicated mod. Here is a good tutorial I found. 




Quarries. You will need one at some point, and this is where you become a novice, rather than beginner. 

Items needed:

- Quarry

- Some type of storage

- Diamond pipe

- Trash can

- Conduits

- A power source


By default when you place down a quarry, it will do a 1 chunk area. If you want to expand this, use landmarkers. For now, this should be good.


Your diamond pipe and trash can are important to filter out junk you don't want to be collected. Chose whatever resources you DO NOT want, and put them into the colored end facing.


Note: It is very important you have more space than you will need, if it overflows, you will not only lose your items, but it will cause stress on the server.


Filter Pictures:





Setup Pictures:


Green represents your power source.http://i.imgur.com/gFbXBAo.png




That concludes my beginner guide, feel free to message me in game or on my forum profile if you have any questions.


I hope this helped anyone who is interested in starting on the Craftersland cracked Tekkit server.


IP : tekkit.craftersland.net:25567


Please do not reply to this post, I only want it open so I can make any edits needed.

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