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boring backstory

I am currently working on a musical tesla coil. Oh yes, you heard me right. Science + music? Two of my favorite things!


I already assembled my interrupter responsible for translating the MIDI format into a playable frequency of electricity. I thought I would post this to get a few song requests for when I complete it, hopefully tonight, possibly tomorrow.


If you interested in anything about it, it was a kit I bought from http://www.onetesla.com/products/

All you really have to do is spend like 5 hours soldering, and not screw up a board and have to buy replacements.



- It must be either a song, theme song, or snipet of song. (ex. Still Alive, ghost busters, ect)


- For me to play it on the coil (it costs electricity bills ya know!) the request must be liked by a minimum of 3 people, and if I like the request, then it will be played.


- Some songs just won't play good on a tesla coil. (Frequencies 20Hz-1000Hz) Please don't do outrageous requests that won't be possible.


- Request only one post per song.


Teaser Video

Notice this isn't mine, this is the coil completed by the company that sells the parts. Mine will be completed today or tommarow, like I said above.





First song: See you again

Requested by: Andrew2060

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Btw are you doing Andrew's Request atm or mine?

None until I finish. I sent pictures to andrew to upload.

I can't do this game, to many notes per second

First is andrews, then sail

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This is all low power. I tried a high power test, but my leg muscles started twitching and all the lights in my garage turned on. I'll do it later at dark, far away.

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