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  1. I request a rollback of certain sections of the Genesis_Laboratories town. The reason for that is that our ME system and some resonant energy cells were stolen (possibly by BigBaconMan). A rollback is only needed for the chunks that have large paved stone bricks floors. Please rollback to 2:00 AM Middle Europe time (GMT+2 (summertime)) 18th June 2017 or earlier. Town coordinates: -3065, 6, +1688
  2. There's a near my base and I decided to expand in the direction of the base, but the town doesn't let me. Town name: Osijek Town mayor: NotLukaX Town members: 1 NotLukaX's inactivity: 1 month, 10 days Relative coordinates of the town: -3398 64 3394
  3. Will the server be down for some time when it's gets moved?
  4. Please remove it, I wanna build something, but don't have enough space and I can't expand until this town is gone!
  5. I want to make a big base and therefor I need a lot of room, but a town is not letting me expand (closeclaim). Coordinates: x = -3352, y = 65, z = 3321 Town name: Reich Town mayor: Ariel (last seen 1 month 21 days ago) The town is just 1 chunk big and theres only 1 crafting table and a stairway into the underground. I want the town to be removed.
  6. 2 months ago I had an ADSL modem with a bitrate of 10 Mb/s and it was extremly laggy. Then I've upgraded to a VDSL router with a bitrate of 54 Mb/s and there are just sometimes blocks apearing again after mined. Also, when I had the old modem, I used a proxy which was given me by GravityCube and it worked well with it. Unfortuneatly, the proxy is now for the Sky Factory server. EDIT: Well, now the connection is terrible (2800 ms is the best I get right now). And the server says 0/80 player are on, so others have the problem too. EDIT2: Now it says "Maintenance in progress". Maybe that was the problem (350 ms). EDIT3: I get time outs very often... 2 months ago I rarely even got any. I think the server needs a better internet connection. What connection does it have now?
  7. After 2 months I started playing Tekkit again and noticed something in the chat... I think it's done with name tags, banning them would fix this problem.
  8. +1 for new spawn And please don't make it look like a middle-aged castle, instead it should look modern and futuristic. And please remove the item frames in the shop. My framerate drops from 30 fps to 5 fps. And if you like the old spawn then build it yourself in your base.
  9. Wrong forum. Someone should move that to the Direwolf20 forum.
  10. You need to install the Tekkit modpack and for that you need the Technic launcher. You can't play just like this on modded servers with vanilla minecraft. There's a pinned tutorial on the "General" section in the Tekkit forum.
  11. His in-game name is "WeAllLoveCheese". Btw, do you have any programs on your computer that does something with your internet connection (like making it faster or making it more secure). If yes then disable them and then try to join the server. You should also try joining the server on and on as fast as you can. This method helped other players and me too, so it may also help you!
  12. That was just ment as a joke! I've also written "jk" after that what's in the screenshot. I'm not racist at all, I just have a little problem with these people because the recen events (a really tiny problem). And I wasn't the one who got the idea that he's a scammer. It was my friend Dumblore, but he ment it not racistic at all! Mohamedanis just sent teleport requests to everyone and he mgs-ed all of them and said he'll pay them (me too). I would have taken a screenshot, but I've got the idea after the server reset. This all was just a joke and it wasn't an offense at all.
  13. I said that quite much as a joke, because you wanted to come to someones island and you've also massaged me and said that you'll pay me. You're such an obvious scammer.
  14. I fixed this problemm by just trying to join over and over. It worked on the 5th try.
  15. I've installed the modpack, but when I try to join the server it takes me a minute and the it says "No authentification with". Singleplayer works fine. I've tried installing optifine, but I still couldn't join the server. Please help!