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  1. That was just ment as a joke! I've also written "jk" after that what's in the screenshot. I'm not racist at all, I just have a little problem with these people because the recen events (a really tiny problem). And I wasn't the one who got the idea that he's a scammer. It was my friend Dumblore, but he ment it not racistic at all! Mohamedanis just sent teleport requests to everyone and he mgs-ed all of them and said he'll pay them (me too). I would have taken a screenshot, but I've got the idea after the server reset. This all was just a joke and it wasn't an offense at all.
  2. I said that quite much as a joke, because you wanted to come to someones island and you've also massaged me and said that you'll pay me. You're such an obvious scammer.
  3. I fixed this problemm by just trying to join over and over. It worked on the 5th try.
  4. I've installed the modpack, but when I try to join the server it takes me a minute and the it says "No authentification with". Singleplayer works fine. I've tried installing optifine, but I still couldn't join the server. Please help!
  5. You have to enable the IP Forwarding in the BungeeCord config file, but I couldn't find the file nowhere. Are you sure that you have installed the right modpak, because there are SkyFactory modpacks. The right one is 2.5 (not 3).
  6. +1 for new spawn But don't make it look like a middle-age castle, instead make it look futuristic and modern. Also put less item frames in the shop, they do massive lag.
  7. Looks like the people want a server wipe, so when will it be?
  8. You should really try alocating more RAM. About 2GB should be enough. I'll also include a link to a video where everything is shown what's necessary to alocate more RAM to the Minecraft and Technic launcher.
  9. And? Will there be a server reset? When yes, when?
  10. Will there be a server reset? When yes when?
  11. A server reset would be a good idea, because the lag increased really much in the last time
  12. thanks
  13. You gave me just 5 Tin Gears instead of 5 stacks...
  14. The quarry isn't a problem, because I have 4 and recently I've got a lot of legendarty keys, so I can win some new quarrys. I only want the tin gears and the transmition coils.
  15. I want to get all these items back