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  1. [Prefix]

  2. I also had this doubt, thank you for clarifying it @Henkekalmar
  3. [Prefix]

  4. [Prefix]

  5. [Account]

    If yes, he is a good friend as I said so I lend my acc
  6. [Account]

    Hello is to inform them that I will give my account xJackComoboMc_ (Rank Sponsor) to a faithful friend, since I have several account with this rank ... I inform them not to ban the account for fraud, hacked etc etc (Unless authorized by my account in the forum) without more to say Thanks !! @KayWolves @Zyko
  7. [Prefix]

    Hello, I want you to edit my prefix as follows, please http://prntscr.com/g7d43v Note that the dark purple color is 2 euros and the green color does not cost anything please @Powerwarp @brunyman
  8. Your favorite music

    Excellent song
  9. [Presentation] CriticLC_ / Ernesto

    Mmmm well, I'll see if I create an acc
  10. Name: Ernesto Mendible IGN: CriticLC_ Age: 15 Crafter's Land Servers you play: Normally all day on Acv1 and pure survival Location: Venezuela A short description of yourself: I am a very joking person, I really like to joke with everyone, but when it comes to being serious I mean it ... I usually like to sleep a lot Hobbies and interests: : I like swimming and playing video games CS: GO Minecraft etc etc Discord / Skype Name: Skype CriticLC_ and Discord Id CriticLC_#5473
  11. Annoying Smoke Effect - ACv1

    Well as I said at the beginning is just what I think, I do not know what others think
  12. Annoying Smoke Effect - ACv1

    @Wolf_Flow111 In my opinion I do not think that it is possible the evil that would be a lesson for the Gm + since they have to eliminate the ones that last 2:30 of every inventory of each User ... I do not think it is convenient ...
  13. Annoying Smoke Effect - ACv1

    Yes, I understand what it says, what I mean is that in pvp 2 full diamond user one with nocht and another without them but with smoke effect none is in advantage, since the one that has the effect of the nocht is mowed and The other flees because the one who has a follower does not see
  14. Annoying Smoke Effect - ACv1

    Well, that's already a problem for anyone who buys the nocht apple since they buy it because they want it, not because someone forces you, you use it to be better in the game, right? That would be the problem of who buys the apple, and has no choice but to use the smoke effect (I do not use it) ... well that's what I think
  15. Welcome to Network group!

    Hahaha I hope we are the best