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  1. XD that fart did not win anyone who connects 24/7 lel
  2. Hi, I want to know who won.?
  3. Please edit your topic from Spanish to English to make it easier for everyone
  4. Yes, but it is Page Moderator (the Network)
  5. Okay now wait for someone from the staff, be patient
  6. Do you have any proof of that?
  7. You have to wait for the moderators of the network to take up the matter or the owners @Powerwarp @brunyman @KayWolves
  8. It's good, GG
  9. I see it unfair that I ban permanent, since I donated to the server almost 800 Usd I have 7 Sponsoring Accounts and 3 Global Premiun Accounts, so I see it very unfair if donated all that amount should not be banned
  10. 1] In-Game Username: -(CriticLC_)- [2] Details of Situation: -(I'm accused of robbery)- [3] Ban Category: -(Temporary prohibition)- [4] Ban Duration: -(14 Days)- [5] Staff Member: -(KayWolves)- [6] ScreenShots: -( [7] Your Reason: Well accuse me of robbery, that can be done by anyone, first of all the forums that that person can take can be taken by anyone on it has no tests in which I give up the gold? or if? Just take a photo the same with the gold blocks in your inventory has no photo where I'm giving the gold @KayWolves @Zyko
  11. Yes, I understand your point poro ... if we were left in that the armors would not be given because they suddenly come out selling them? If they said that they were not kept that rule, right?
  12. Hi, I wonder why if we stayed in we would not give the armors stained in ACV 1 to the sponsors because the GM + Zyko sell them to 10 stack of gold blocks? If we stayed in that the sponsors did not have it, it is more, now the one that has (Any User) 10 piles of gold blocks can have it, of the color that wants etc, etc.
  13. Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : ACV1 In-Game Nickname :CriticLC_ Nickname of the one you are complaining about : S3ÑT Description of the situation :I go into the server and find this Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : @Fire_Ligth @AdriStrike @Zyko @bunnylau
  14. Yes @Terminator these accounts are mine ... Why? some inconvenience?
  15. And if you want to delete these forum accounts, IronSonicks iHistory36 BeFlexinSFD since those are the only ones that are not banned