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  1. Hell, why don't we just get rid of the donation shop? So the server can run purely on the kindness of the Craftersland owners heart. This is a horrible suggestion, stop being a cheapass and just donate if you want these commands.
  2. If you make the suggestion, you should really put the item names and the ID number. Just saying "there's no hives in the wild", isn't very descriptive. You have to be more specific. Having every single bee hive at spawn is really OP and defeats the purpose of Expert mode, if you've having the hives handed to you. The more difficult wild hives would be a better choice. Oblivion and Ender hives are almost non-existent on the server now. I heard that the End is only reset once a month on IE. If that's the case, having Oblivion, Ender, Deep, Infernal and Nether hives available at spawn, for around $1000 per hive would be the best idea. Since these are the rarest hives in the game. Just some thoughts, don't mind me, just passing through
  3. I know this is probably irrelevant but, Derp picked up your grave. Goodluck Timur, much love
  4. Account Name: Pumpkin Item name + item ID: Ender Quarry; ID: 1828 Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 24/6/2017 Description of Issue: I logged on and my ender quarry just vanished. I have modify on true but enter on false and the chunks around the quarry are claimed, so no one could of entered my claim and taken it. I messaged Dirtwrap about it and he completely ignored me. So, now I'm here instead. Evidence (optional, but recommended):
  5. Is this THE Pumpkin i know on this server???

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      direwolf still haha


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      add me on discord instead of talking on here deboobski#9001

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      i'm on discord all the time. Same name here Pumpkin and also, i have no clue how to add people, i'm using the discord app on my phone. Just add me instead.

  6. Random fact: Sponsors used to have the red prefix [Sponsor] but it was removed because they were mistaken for [GM] on tab. I'm sure an exception will be made for one person though
  7. No rush, there's just like .... 60ish players waiting to play IE
  8. Spawn store signs were griefed. There's no way to figure out which items belong to what price, unless you check IDs.
  9. You have no idea what's causing you to crash?
  10. Your topic is so confusing ....
  11. In-Game Nickname: (One complaining about) Are you asking for my name or the other person? Time and date: June 9th 2017 Description of what happened: After michal359's townie was just banned (DurGaV) for putting 35 pages of stacks of diamond blocks, michal359 put a lot of 64k drives on the market. So many, that is says "1 of many", even after I bought three of the 64k disks. Screenshots or Proof:
  12. Was wondering, and I know this has been brought up before. The rftool liquid dimlets getting deleted or banned. Just specific dimensions, Steam, Glowstone, Redstone, Glue etc. The tps is the worse I've ever seen it now. For over 2 hours, it's unplayable. If banning is impossible, maybe a restart right now?
  13. So, this topic is over 2 months old and you still want a roll back? I came across this base some weeks ago and it was all completely unclaimed. So, it's not a matter of perms turned off, the base was abandoned and unclaimed.
  14. You need to wait for a response from brunyman, he's the only one that can rollback your base. Just wait till he responds
  15. If you continuously get a fatal error when you click on a research icon, try asking in global and maybe you'll get some help.