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  1. Topic moved to Tecnichal Support MC Eternal.
  2. Ok ok, as I said earlier in another topic, in AC mode?
  3. I imagine you request this in AC mode ?
  4. Well .. Please wait for the management to make a "Refund" to your account, verifying if you really had that Be patient
  5. Hola buenas tardes! Tiene alguna prueba? Hello good afternoon! Do you have any proof?
  6. Hello good night 😃 ! Topic moved to Technichal Support SF4
  7. CriticLC_

    Lost things

    Hello, please go to the following area and request a reactivation of your package!
  8. Hello good night guys! Please do not "BUMP" this type of topic since it is a "Debate" so to speak and the administration can see it without any problem.
  9. Hello! Sorry played in? Topic moved to Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons ***
  10. Hello! Played in?
  11. Topic Create T/C
  12. ok ok then your problem is "easy" to solve ... make a topic in the following link and wait for the answer from some managger
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