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  1. Hello, good afternoon. What do you want to do specifically? Retrieve the rank and move it from mode? we give more information please ..
  2. CriticLC_


    Please specify the session where you play as @xtomyserraxsaid to help you
  3. CriticLC_


    You play in? Network or Modded?
  4. CriticLC_


    Unnecessary topic T/C
  5. In this way [S+] [Raps] [Emperador] ? Sorry is [S+] and Fantacy Animated tag
  6. Hola buenas noches.. El post debe hacerce en ingles para que sea mas facil para la administracion poder entenderle ya que el foro se maneja en Ingles Y la plantilla correcta seria esta Hello good night .. The topic must be in English to make it easier for the administration to understand you and that the forum is handled in English And template correct is
  7. Hello good night guys! As part of the community Server user : The modaliades / Minigame at the time were the ones that attracted the most players in the same way as AC. Having good maps and a very good quality and performance in 1.8 .. Honestly from my point of view "User" that is not possible "Return the server to 1.8" Since it has a good performance in the version in which it is currently .. And yes, I totally agree with you everything that has to do with advertising and promoting the server, since we need a better number of players to make the Network Vanilla community better As part of the staff : Currently everything you raise has already been raised in the staff, talked among ourselves, etc. It should also be clarified that if you think you can do better different modalities. But as you have already found in some similar posts, it is first "improving" or working in AC and Pure Survival. It is planned to improve CTW adding new maps to improve and try to have better performance.. And regarding the version .. Honestly from my point of view I don't think that will happen .. the "Best obsession" or the solution that the staff could give would be to try to place the Pvp of 1.8 in the version that is running actually .. Without more to say please be patient that all your restraints are taken and owed by the staff to have a better community Have a good night! Be patient!
  8. How nice! Congrats friend! What a great job. It impresses me! Congratulations! 😎
  9. Hi! topic moved to Technichal Support SkyFactory 4
  10. The time of banned has expired. Unban request "denied" due to expired time Topic Closed.
  11. Hello good night, you are correct. The User (Administrator) @Henk will check your problem and give you a solution when you have time Have a good night
  12. Hi! topic moved to Technichal Support SkyFactory 4 The theme is duplicated here : Have a nice day T/C.
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