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  1. Hello! I will consider investigating the player when entering the server! I will not close the topic to keep you "Informed"
  2. Yes, but for the same reason I asked you the question, in the photo of you that you had a "Premium" rank, but it does not clearly indicate if you made a rank update or bought the Sponsor Membership directly. But that does not matter so much Is the "Premium" rank on the same nickname you currently have?
  3. He should have thought better of his actions to avoid this "bad moment"
  4. Hi @SuarezMC! Your rank Sponsor you currently have was purchased was a range upgrade or did you purchase it individually? What you want to do is change a range to a prefix?
  5. CriticLC_


    Goodnight! The truth is not known when the helper apps are back! Only in the manager do you think new staff is needed. The "Applications" are open
  6. Hello @DongSnipper when you see a GM on the server ask to add again the view of the city since permission is disabled by rank transfer, reactivation etc. Sorry for the inconvenience..
  7. @superxmand1 And I think you think it’s wrong. Since if you are on a "Network" server and like that you should read and take a look at the rules to know what would be your defects and your penalties for the..
  8. Hello, in which modality you want those commands added?
  9. Some proof that you didnt give those items?
  10. Im not sure they add it again. But nothing loses trying to create content to see if the administration changes its opinion
  11. Hello. The way to see your /invsee or your /enderchest is if the player is online at the time of doing so.. Anyway thanks a lot for your report/suggestion. I will personally be aware of this player if I see him online on the server
  12. Remember not to abuse those added commands as not only will the command be removed and not that you will also be denied the request of any future commands
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