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  1. [Prefix]

    **BUMP x13
  2. [Prefix]

    Hello, I want you to edit my prefix as follows, please http://prntscr.com/g7d43v Note that the dark purple color is 2 euros and the green color does not cost anything please @Powerwarp @brunyman
  3. [Fame]

  4. [Fame]

    Title: [iHistory36] (Fame) In game name: iHistory36 Rank: Fame Server: ACV1 New Server / New account name: CriticLC_ Proof of ownership (Required): http://prntscr.com/g8z6np To http://prntscr.com/g8z57b @Powerwarp @brunyman
  5. Nice!! amazing! very good work GG
  6. Hi, @brunyman I joined this morning to Pure Survival, to play for a while and then I realised that my rank ( [S+][Emperador] )was not there.. I checked the other modalities and my rank and prefix were activated. Is there anyway to reactivate my rank and prefix in Pure Survival? Thanks.
  7. [Fame]

  8. [Prefix]

    **BUMP x12
  9. quiero conocer ala comunidad :3

    @okiso_893 Por favor comuníquese en ingles para hacer el todo mas fácil Gracias
  10. [Prefix]

    but do not bother
  11. [Prefix]

    **BUMP x11 @brunyman
  12. [Fame]

    **BUMP @brunyman
  13. [Reactivate Sponsor + Prefix]

    **BUMP @brunyman
  14. Change The Color Of My Name

    Hi @SkriiLexx_PvP as already Jimmel say edit the topic, put your full name and the corresponding template
  15. [S+][KillerMX]

    Close Topic @AdriStrike
  16. [S+][KillerMX]

    Hello good evening, I bought Sponsor + and then a prefix I want to put the S + before the prefix please wait for your reply thanks http://prnt.sc/dvdjdw
  17. [I can not log into the server]

    Close Topic @AdriStrike
  18. [I can not log into the server]

    Good, Do not let me enter the server, when I enter it tells me that it is already connected, I create another account and between modality by modality to see if I am hacked my account and I did not find anything ... I have more than 8 hours with that Problem ... I do not know what happens please help my nick iHistory36 rank Sponsor + with prefix @Powerwarp @brunyman
  19. [Edit Prefix]

    Topic Close Please @AdriStrike
  20. [Edit Prefix]

    Hello good afternoon, my nick is iHistory36 I want to edit the prefix, my prefix is a color + dark purple as I said I want to edit I want to make my prefix say [S+][Emperador] http://prntscr.com/e12b1o Please note that dark purpute and light purple cost the same @brunyman @Powerwarp @Zyko
  21. [Fame]

    **BUMP @brunyman
  22. [Prefix]

    **BUMP x10 @brunyman
  23. [Question Of Prefix]

    hahahaha the truth makes a lot of sense, literally that is the solution xD ... but Claro, I will wait more opinions of this
  24. [Question Of Prefix]

    Hello, I was in the forum that a user (Ex GM + Isma) wants to transfer their prefixes, in a single prefix and put it of all the colors of their previous tags, that can be done ?? Moderators Yusixs : New name: _SweetDreams_ Prefix: &7[&dR&7]&7[&bSweet&eDark&7] &a Reason: He bought multiple tags on these names in the past ( Ismael18L _ItsCloud_ DL_iiTzCloud ) and wants to combine all the colors into one prefix You can use this list of names to check for payments :P. @Yusixs @KayWolves