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  1. [powerwarp][Prefix]

    Hello, I want you to edit my prefix as follows, please http://prntscr.com/g7d43v Note that the dark purple color is 2 euros and the green color does not cost anything please @Powerwarp @brunyman
  2. [powerwarp] [Fame]

    Title: [iHistory36] (Fame) In game name: iHistory36 Rank: Fame Server: ACV1 New Server / New account name: CriticLC_ Proof of ownership (Required): http://prntscr.com/g8z6np To http://prntscr.com/g8z57b @Powerwarp @brunyman
  3. [powerwarp] [Fame]

  4. [powerwarp][Prefix]

  5. [powerwarp][Prefix]

    I have an account with a prefix that one uses for nothing, if I ask to remove the prefix of that account to edit the other that would be serious? @AdriStrike
  6. Hi, @brunyman I joined this morning to Pure Survival, to play for a while and then I realised that my rank ( [S+][Emperador] )was not there.. I checked the other modalities and my rank and prefix were activated. Is there anyway to reactivate my rank and prefix in Pure Survival? Thanks.
  7. [powerwarp] [Fame]

    Do you need froofs to confirm that the account is mine? @brunyman
  8. [Reactivate Sponsor + Prefix]

    Yes, it reactivated THXS
  9. [powerwarp][Prefix]

    Yes, but I would like to edit it as before the way I explained it @brunyman
  10. [powerwarp][Prefix]

    **BUMP x20
  11. [powerwarp] [Fame]

  12. [powerwarp] [Fame]

  13. [powerwarp][Prefix]

    **BUMP x19
  14. [powerwarp][Prefix]

    **BUMP x18
  15. [powerwarp] [Fame]

  16. [See My Post]

    Hello, one question, how long do I have to wait for @brunyman and @Powerwarp to see my post? I've been waiting for more than a month and nothing ...
  17. [powerwarp] [Fame]

  18. [powerwarp][Prefix]

    **BUMP x17
  19. [powerwarp][Prefix]

    @SuperSlimesKing yes, it may be in the correct but the eh seen connected in the forum, I suppose they can have a little time for the server
  20. [Reactivate Sponsor + Prefix]

    @_SweetDreams_ Thank you for your opinion the truth should be as you say it THX
  21. [powerwarp][Prefix]

    @_SweetDreams_ Thank you for your opinion, the truth should be as you say it Thx

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