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  1. Hi guy! Topic moved to Technichal Support MC Eternal. Have a nice day
  2. Hola buenas tardes! Su tema sera atendido lo antes posible, por favor sea paciente Pd: Los temas tienen que estar redactados en ingles para que la administración pueda entenderlos. Hello good afternoon! Your issue will be addressed as soon as possible please be patient Note: The topics have to be written in English so that the administration can understand them. Moved to : Server Problems.
  3. Moved to Technichal Support Continuum
  4. Hi guys! it is no secret to anyone that the economy is destroyed, we would do well Wipe We simply ask the entire community to support us
  5. Hola, primeramente el reporte lo tienes que hacer en esta area https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/150-complaints/ Segundo Para reportar a un jugador tienes que tener pruebas y no las tienes, solo acusas sin sentido y para poder poner un castigo tienes que tener capturas, algún vídeo o simplemente una prueba creíble Como te dije anterior mente, ningún jugador sera castigado por falta de pruebas Pd: te repito que los reportes o cualquier otra cosa deben ser redactados en ingles.. Hello, first the report you have to do in this area https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/150-
  6. Hola como ya sabes lo reportes tiene que ser en ingles para que se efectúen Otra cosa, en la imagen se ve eso mas no se ve quien los coloco, estas dando acusaciones sin culpable.. Por favor si aun sabes la ubicación házmela llegar por privado para eliminar los bloques Por falta de pruebas no hay ningún castigo Hello as you already know the reports have to be in English to be carried out Another thing in the image you can see that but you cannot see who placed them you are giving accusations without guilty... Please if you still know the location, send it to me priva
  7. We'll find out what happened. literally the player abused a server bug as he did not report it. player punished. Thanks for your report have a nice day T/C.
  8. hi guys! If they put an NPCs in the spawn without removing the GMs it is somewhat silly (No offense) simply nothing would be done since the emeralds can be duplicated very easily with a gms operator.. (From my point of view) The truth is very complicated since those who have rank with access to the Gms "not all" will not agree because they will agree that all for that they compared said rank, to have gms... As part of the User community: the ideal is to remove the GMS since it is a "PureSurvival" mode. It is inlogical to have this command .. in the same way the WE command are b
  9. That is a bit sad .. But the positive side is that it is a new beginning for everyone a new dawn I hope everyone can enjoy it T/C
  10. Topic accommodated Topic moved to Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons T/C.
  11. Hi guy! What mode do you play? Modded or netwok?
  12. Los temas deben ser en ingles para que puedan ser atendidos .. Que tengas una buena tarde The topics must be in English so that they can be attended.. Have a nice afternoon
  13. Buenas tardes! El tema para que la administración pueda entenderlo tiene que estar echo en ingles ya que es el lenguaje originario en el foro.. Pd: Creo que esa petición no es aprobada porque para eso necesitas comprar o tener un prefijo para cambiar de color.. Good afternoon! The topic for the administration to understand it has to be done in English since it is the original language in the forum. Note: I think that request is not approved because for that you need to buy or have a prefix to change color ..
  14. Congratulations to the new Top Voters
  15. CriticLC_

    Dupped Items

    Played Banned. Thanks for the report Have a nice day T/C.
  16. We currently have several errors in that mode. Thank you very much for reporting it, the management and the Craftersland team will resolve it as soon as possible Thanks again for reporting, Be patient please
  17. Hello, to begin with, users cannot give opinions of the staff .. if you want to do that, wait for the applications .. as a community if we can all clarify doubts etc, but the guys do not give wrong opinions .. second, the player will be punished. T/C.
  18. Any more "credible" proof or to assure what you say? @AnonymusYo
  19. Hola @ItsJozeLui el server ah pasado por varias actualizaciones, por favor solicita una reactivacion de rango en la siguiente área (Por favor para próximos temas realizalos en ingles ya que es mas fácil para la gerencia entender) Hello @ItsJozeLui the server has gone through several updates, please request a reactivation of rank in the following area (Please for future topics do them in English as it is easier for management to understand) Topic Closed. Be patient please. Have a nice nigth.
  20. I will assume the topic is from "Project ozone 3" topic moved to Technichal Support Project ozone 3
  21. uh yes, the "BUMP" is every 2 days by forum regulations .. Every 48 hours that pass and your problem has not been solved you can post it
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