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  1. yo lancelot do u have to make a big deal over everything i post all i need is my rank transfered to Tekkit from skyfactory2.5 if you have nothing of interest to say / type then plz don't message it says to brunyman Thx

    1. Lancelot


      I do not know what about you are upset. When an issue is open on forum we need to solve it and eventually close the topic. Your request for money refund was not closed so i did it after I realized you do not want money refund anymore but you want rank transfer.

      To help you even more I moved your post from SkyFactory forum to proper place for Rank Transfer and I added you a link to template you should use when requesting Rank Transfer. To make things right you should also ask to close your duplicate topic in Tekkit forum about Rank Transfer.

      It just does not help you if you send duplicate request in wrong forums and without all needed information. Template ios used to make it easyer for bruny to make your request. If you provide proof of you owning the rank it will just make it much more faster for bruny to make transfer

    2. EvilRogue01


      Thx lancelot i would like to post the the rank refund was a troll played by my older stupid brother that will do anything to make me look dumb ..

  2. Rank transfer

    whoops wrong area lol
  3. Rank transfer

    Hey Bruny man can i plz have my rank re transfered back to tekkit from skyfactory 2.5 please i have gotten access to tekkit again i got a new PC Kind regards EvilRogue01
  4. Refund Skyfactory2.5

    i have had a bad enough day even getting mugged thats fun right nah its not its painful and sucks leaving me unable to walk properly so saying i can't get a refund is just adding to the pain i have to endure every day of my miserable life i hope anyone with a heart and a soul can understand my pain
  5. Refund Skyfactory2.5

    it says that if im not satisfied with my purchase then i can request a refund
  6. Hello Bruny man Im EvilRogue01 Im kindly asking for a refund on my premium+ on skyfactory2.5 im not much of a gamer anymore $29.85-AUD Through PaymentWall Kind regards EvilRogue01
  7. offended by these frogs

    DragonLady SoullessSushi Terminator Yusixs have offended my rights and sided with the trator RC4675 and i request a meeting on discord to prove why i have all the power in this Matter Kind regards EvilRogue01 P.S: Im a god when it comes to online warfare so don't do anything rash. oh and RC4675 if your reading this come and face me you coward
  8. Skyfactory 2.5 island stolen

    Hello bruny man a player on skyfactory 2.5 called RC4675 has stolen owner ship of my island by signing into my mc account using a cracked launcher i kindly request my island returned to me please as RC4675 is a back stabbing lier Kind regards EvilRogue01
  9. Proof of purchase Premium+

    IS THIS NOT ENOUGH PROOF Even my family say its proof i just spoke to westpac my bank provider and they said the transaction happened so if its not coming up on your end then thats your servers fault not mine so either give me my rank or refund me or i will need to report Money Theft i will have to cross the line at some stage
  10. Proof of purchase Premium+

    i just went against the bank rules to show you this Snip this is private info i could get in deep trouble for showing you this ... not trying to be mean and all but i don't like losing money that had taken someone of my age some time to earn i spent it on this server because i love to support craftersland if it was not for this server and the proud staff i would not be as good at tekkit as i am today
  11. Proof of purchase Premium+

    Where do i find the Transaction ID
  12. Proof of purchase Premium+

    Hello @brunyman i have a snip of proof from my purchase history on my bank account. I just want my rank i purchased as proof shown :ID EvilRogue01 Date of purchase 07-09-17 Cost: 29.85 AUD

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