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  1. "all items from Norowareta were made by myself" u forgot to add that : I took all me drive cards and I bugged my account with those cards and told an staff to clear my inventory.
  2. The Legend says who voted no is just a starter.
  3. @brunyman an final answer on this topic please?
  4. Wipe Request because the last wipe was a long timo ago.
  5. 4 ;( i know is much but i play on a trash can...
  6. Can u bruny increase the time of login timeout kick? reason my pc need 1-2 to load in the server , but when i log is too late and i get disconnected can u resolve my problem?
  7. hmm i upload the next photo on imgur ok? reason memory on photo and minecraft name : BobiPedala https://imgur.com/a/LWeE0
  8. ....I bought like a noob 2x vip's on direwolf 1.7.10 .... can someone upgrade my rank to premium reason vip is 4.99 2x = hard math =)) don't trust check photo...
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