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  1. 1 Chunk: x: 311 / Z: 2356 / y: 68 2.chunk: x: 313 / Z: 2347 / y: 68 It was standing there last time seen, before you rerolled the hole City base. So it should be around 11.03.2019 around 12:00 cet +1 Thank you again
  2. @Manyouforgot There are 2 chunks wich have to be rerolled to a older version, becouse TazdO made a break through at bees, we did all the Gene Work again , and made an industry alviary setup. He would be very sad if his work get destroyed again. Tahnks in advance
  3. Thank you very much. I will check and it out, and list it if something is missing.
  4. Player: Waldhein City: Clan Coord: x5, z2314, y50 Problem: Hey there, i cant save this recipe in the Knowladge Inscriber (Item: 2518). It gives me the option that i can save it , but when i press the buttom nothing happens.
  5. Your Name: Waldhein Town Name: ClanCoordinates: x: 249/ Z : 2422 / y 76 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 09.03.2019 / 7:00 cet +1Description of Issue: some stuff is missing
  6. Thank you for all the effort the staff took, to investigate and check objektivly the accusations. As i told already on an other thread that i like how fast and active the Staff and the community reacted. And i will keep your advices in mind.
  7. Problem- Alloy Smeltory (ender io) is not working, "it suddenly stopped working, and starts again when it want to" Cause- As much as i know, it has something to do with the prevention of server lag. Solution- The most recipes for an Alloy Smeltory can be replaced by an Induction Smeltroy.The Recipes wich cant replaced, i recomment bigger setup for Alloy Smeltroy, wich is nonstop processing, for example "Energetic Alloy". Of course with an World Anchor (Chunkloader). Dont forget that Chunkloaders should not be in same Chunk as your cables and multiblock-structers
  8. yeah congratz, and thank you for your effort!
  9. Thank you for your help. I can see that the staff has good processes, to work out problems.
  10. we had in the section you reseted, over 800 ME recipes and all machines wich are needed to autocraft, i think that it is relatively hard. Sethrex was 4 hours on the server and in that 4 hours he was argueing 2 hours with you, and in the rest of the time the duped items? Are you sure about that? or is that again just a accusation without evidence, becouse when you wipe my base, you should tell me frist and why you do it. Not that i have to go into the forum and ask for a town reset to find out, that the staff did it, due to the punishing of someone else. Our team played over 1000 hours, i dont think that this is fair, for the ppl wich play legit. So pls post some evidence about the dupeing atleast. And what i want to know, as i remember in your discussion with SethRex, there was something about an other account..., are you sure that the duping was on the minecarft account of SethRex?
  11. Can you pls show me some evidence, i dont turst you guys anymore
  12. First of all i can see, that you are baised to the point that you cant work this out objektive. But go through your points you accuesed us without any evidence. 1. power cell is crafted, like all other creative items, due to the post of Kiriha you can see that it is legit to use and altough to partisipate in the market. (so Tank, cell, pool are fine to use) 2. all machines you can find in our base is legit crafted. 3. With RFtools you get Million blocks in less than 15 min 4. Pearls are easly to get when you have a mobfarm, in huge numbers. 5. so where is the proof that our items, we trade with, is creativly influensed trough gm+1 6. i have to make a complaint that you tell me why you kick me, and than wait for you to answer it. How about you tell and discuss first with us (like a in a trial before punishing us ) 7. The Top Bal is due to the fact that the ppl donated for money. Becouse the ppl wich play in my team palying since years on this server and donated to help the server running. And TznOd get the money due to the fact that he is TOpVoter-Rank. 8. Our team have together over 1000hours time on the server since wipe, so there is no wonder we are so far with that game. I still waiting for some evidence, that what we can do with our expirience and time we invested in, is not legit?
  13. In-Game Nickname: CowgoesBananass Your Nickname (optional): Waldhein Time and date: 03.03.2019 Description of what happened: (In chronological order) I get Kicked for rule 4 (selling creative items) i come back and asked what i did, wich violate the rule. Cow: my Base is Creative infused so i am not allowed to sell anything. i asked again what exactly is creativly infused that would infirence with the trade. Cow: is it not enough to say that our base is creativly infused? and he wont discuss any futher. What i want is that i want to know exactly what he is talking about, not only a general excuse to blame our team, wich is very strickt with this rule, that we dont use creative to craft or infuece our trades. So pls proof your accusations. There is a very important thing, if you dont want to abuse your powers wich gived you by the community. When you punish do it transperant, dotn blame openly ppl without telling why (exactly). Just accusations without proof is injustice. Screenshots or Proof: there was no answer wich part of my town is influenced by creative wich dont allows me not to trade. Thanks for your help keeping our servers clean.
  14. yes i invited him couple of day ago, why should that be a reason to reset my base?
  15. Your Name: Waldhein Town Name: ClanCoordinates: x: 56 z: 2294 y:55Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 01.03.2019 / 3:00 cet +1Description of Issue:  95% of my machine area is reseted. Inside was all automations and around 96 Molecular assemblers stuffed with recipes. We need a rollback it was a area around 6x6 chunks.
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