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  1. t/c it's all good now, thnx for being their timur <3. With much love n compassion, Ya boi IF
  2. Whut whut whut, so I just downloaded pickaxe chat and logged, it autoteleported me to spawn, so I joined via client and it seems I can login now, although I did initiallyy crash. I'll report back if anything occurs like corrupted chunks in town ._.
  3. Okeydoke, God's speed men. With Pride and Honour, Lt.Freak
  4. It seems whenever I login, I crash, the error is either 'fatal error occurred, connection terminated' or 'An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host'. I don't know what that means, but I assume that my inventory/self is corrupted, so could I get a rollback to about 8:00 am GMT (London time)
  5. Well I don't mean to be gluttonous, but why does matix still have my stuff, here's some fresh screenshots, he's also flying around spawn looking to kill peeps.
  6. I lost a golden bag with tc tools(hammer,axe and shovel) and builders wand, I lost fluxed infused boots, wyvern sword (tier 1 draconic sword) , tc longbow and arrows for it, an electromagnet( ender-io) and a liquid blutonium dimension tab and 11 not enscribed dimension tabs. TBH, I only really care about the wyvern sword, the tinker's construst long bow and arrows and hammer and my flux-infused boots and liquid blutonium dim as I was planning on remaking the other tools with ender amethyst as they're reasonably faster. The Wyvern sword had reaper V and sharpness IV, the hammer was stone and had max loot and redstone. The bow was recent so I didn't max it out.
  7. Could you pm me when you (whoever you may be) will be available.
  8. Nope, I don't know why topic was closed.
  9. Welp, never thought I'd be tp killed at a Craftersland server, this douche of dungbeetle named 'TheMatix720' tp'd me for 'free draconium' which isn't all that bad considering that I was willing to pay for it. Here's some noice ss, could I get my stuff refunded somehow. With regards, Freak.
  10. fixed, you can't have quarry mining in a claimed chunk. Quartz helped me out, and thnx for being there Impy <3. With regards Freakshow.
  11. yep, do all the chunks I'm mining have to be claimed?
  12. it's in 4 chunks and is 2x2.
  13. okay, i'll post if it works.
  14. no, I'm doing it in the deep dark.
  15. If I could get some assistance setting up my ender quarry, it would be much appreciated. Whenever I attempt to right click the quarry it says successful and then breaks into an item; I've tried placing a chest on top as an item buffer- which has had little to no success. So if I could get some advice, it would be helpful :3 With much <3 Freak.
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