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    Magical_Coww reacted to brunyman in Time for a WIPE on Tekkit Server? Vote and decide!   
    Is it time for a WIPE? We got several WIPE requests since April I think the map still has some room for new players but there is some lag during traffic hours. Vote in the pool above and decide, this will be a fast vote pool.
    The last server WIPE was on 3 April 2020, about 7 months ago.
    The reset will get us new map seeds, fresh start for all, all data reset except ranks and less lag. We will provide a download link of the existing overworld map.
    Check server stats here:  http://minecraft-mp.com/server/14938/stats/
    And Live Map here:  http://tekkit.craftersland.net:25800/#
    Vote in the pool above and let us know what to do next. Thanks!
  2. Confused
    Magical_Coww reacted to 3XJ in [unban] [_xXx_Reaper_xXx_]   
    Player purchased an unban
  3. thonk
    Magical_Coww reacted to 3XJ in [unban] [_xXx_Reaper_xXx_]   
    Hi Reaper.
    I banned you because you use a tool to bypass protection and grief a players base:
    You later confirmed you did it:
  4. Haha
    Magical_Coww reacted to edgentex in verbally abusive player   
    T/C player punished
  5. Cookie
    Magical_Coww reacted to BloodSkals in [Complaint] BloodSkals   
  6. thonk
    Magical_Coww reacted to ASOOD in New server mod pack? Vote your favorite!   
    Are we getting a GTNH server?
  7. thonk
    Magical_Coww reacted to eytixis in Died and items disappeared immediatly   
    Player already has the same post on MC Eternal
  8. thonk
    Magical_Coww got a reaction from donoskaro in [Refund Request]Magical_Coww   
    Your Name: Magical_Coww
    Item Name + Amount: 
    1.5MB of mob essence
    Impulse Itemduct                      94k
    Cobblestone                              3B
    Redstone dust                           5M
    Iron ingot                                   3M
    Coal                                           2M
    Lapis Lazuli                                1M
    Stone                                         2M
    Gold ingot                                 750k
    Diamond                                   600k
    Dirt                                            500k
    Glass                                         450k
    Silver Ingot                               350k
    Lead Ingot                               350k
    Glowstone                                1M
    Copper (TE)                             320k
    Yellorium                                  300k
    Silver Ingot                              300k
    Tin Ingot                                  250k
    Sand                                        300k
    Gravel                                     170k
    Shiny ingot                             76k
    Emerald                                  180k
    Invar Ingot                             150k
    Oak log                                  100k
    Cooked Meat Block              50k
    Enderium Ingot                    50k
    Aluminium Ingot                  50k
    Desh Ingot                           50k
    Bone                                   50k
    Rotten Flesh                      50k
    Arrow                                  50k
    Blaze rod                          50k
    Slime ball                        50k
    Antimatter                       20k
    Dark matter                  20k
    ME 64k Fluid storage    1k
    ME 16M storage           1k
    Fuzzy export bus         1k
    Fuzzy import bus          1k
    Me cable normal           1k
    Me cable black             1k
    Cactus                      100k
    Ruby                        100k
    Saphire                    100k
    Peridot                    100k
    Silicon                     50k
    Tesseract                1k
    Me basic processor           1k
    Me advanced processor    1k
    Fluiduct                               1k
    Pneumatic Servo                1k
    Blaze powder                     1k
    Redstone conduit              10k
    Nether wart                        60k
    Minium stone                    5k
    Minium dust                     10k
    Inert stone                      50k
    Hardened glass              10k
    Glowstone illuminator    10k
    Laser precharger            4k
    Laser drill                        2k
    Quartz block                   40k
    Lava bucket                   10k
    Water bucket                 10k
    Fulmination block           1k
    Redstone diamond chipset    1k  
    Redstone golden chipset       1k
    Redstone chipset                   1k
    Sugar cane                             10k
    Stick                                       20k
    Me crafting terminal             2
    Me controller                        1
    Me drive                                3
    Redstone energy conduit    30k
    White sapling                       5k
    black sapling                      5k
    blue sapling                       20k
    Oak sapling                      10k
    Crystal chest                  300
    inverted white lamp         1k
    inverted black lamp         1k    
    Fusions reactor               50
    Diamond saw FMB         100
    Electromagnet                 500
    Electrum ingot                 10k
    fluxed electrum ingot      10k
    Basic circuit                     1k
    Advanced circuit             1k
    Elite circuit                      1k
    Bronze plate                   5k
    Chemcial extractor        10
    Unstable ingot               500
    Unstable ingot block    10
    Wiring                            500
    Solenoid                      500
    Servo motor               500
    Ion thruster                500
    Hologram emitter      500
    Control circuit            500
    Computer chip          500
    vote keys                    64
    Portaspawner            20
    reusable safari net    100
    Pyrotheum dust         1k
    Cryotheum dust         1k
    Redstone energy cell    500
    Quartz                            30k
    Certus quartz               10k
    Every single Mystcraft page 1
    full Ink drum                          10
    Industrial fertilzier                50k
    Coordinates: 0 78 0
    Description of Issue: Town was griefed and a rollback wasn't possible
    Screenshots (Optional): 
  9. Cookie
    Magical_Coww reacted to donoskaro in [Inventory Rollback Request] dudisek70   
    User proceeded with in-game refund request to speed up process. T/C
  10. Cookie
    Magical_Coww reacted to donoskaro in [Inventory Rollback Request]HonzaLP2   
    User proceeded with in-game refund request to speed up process. T/C
  11. Haha
    Magical_Coww reacted to Henk in STAFF RANKS - Explained!   
     for quite a while I've received questions from both players and staff about what each staff rank represents and Powerwarp once intended that a post like this was made but he never got around to it before he retired as a manager. And this is to also explain the different prefixes you might see ingame.
    There are currently four members in the management group and I think it's best to start with us before diving into the staff group, as our duties and responsibilities wary a lot. So in descending order we've got:

    This is brunyman, he is the sole owner of Craftersland and he mainly performs the maintenance's we have twice a week - on mondays and fridays - consisting of anything from refunds, rollbacks, command requests, password resets, sometimes rank transfers. He has unlimited access, hence the "Owner" part and can therefore perform all duties. Some that he shares with Yusixs and myself. There are a handful of things that only brunyman can do however:
    - Password resets on Network
    - "Fixing" major hiccups with server
    - And some donation issues

    This is me, my permission level is the same as Yusixs and it consists of full server access with file and console, as well as buycraft. While this allows us both to do essentially everything there are a few things that we don't do due to uncertainty, lack of experience or to await judgement from Brunyman. While our permissions are the same our duties wary as we have split what we both can do. 
    My duties include managing staff, creating applications, picking new helpers, dealing with promotions and activity checks for staff. Helping with everyday staff incidents. I also develop new servers for Craftersland, while in the past both me and Yusixs have created DW1.10, DW1.12, SF3 and Revelation I am currently working "solo" on a network project that some of you guys might've seen in the server menu on Network. 
    And by "solo" I mean without Yusixs, but I still have a team of 9 people.
    I maintain the servers and also deal with donation issues, such as command requests and rank transfers, as well as general issues. 
    Do note that the prefix Brunyman, myself and Yusixs chose can be bought in our donation shop and it does not reflect our permissions as it is just a prefix. Check the buycraft store if you are interested, it's labeled " Fancy Animated Tag 

    Dragonlady is the newest addition to our Manager team and is a some-what new concept and we like to call her a " Super moderator". What her permissions are is that she has full PEX or Luckperms access- meaning she can grant players permissions or assist with staff permissions. This is very helpful for us since that means she can help out a lot when there are rank transfers, promotions or helper applications. On top of that her ingame rank is GM, but what sets her apart from all the other GM's - except what I just mentioned above - is that she is GM on every server. Meaning that she can be available to help regular staff issues anywhere and in no time at all!
    Now, that's all for the manager team and let's briefly go through the staff ranks, some of their permissions and duties.

    This is the GM+ rank and unlike the rest of the ranks this one is very special and has a bit of a story behind it. 
    The original requirement to be promoted to GM+ was that needed to have extremely good activity on the server(s), discord and forum. This was meant as a very competitive rank as one server could only have 3 GM+'s at the same time and would you slack off one month you could easily be switched out for someone who was previously a GM. It was meant to be a very fluid rank and to encourage activity when you reached GM, however it wasn't achieved very well, since everyone who was GM+ and had to go down to GM felt that as a demotion while in reality that was how the rank was meant to work. 
    It was a very difficult rank to work with and for many other reasons Brunyman decided a year or so ago that we would slowly remove this rank from all of our servers. At this rate we no longer have any GM+'s on modded servers but we still uphold the GM+ on network since it was so hardcoded into Staff's mind and was something many had set as a goal a long time ago- I wasn't about to take that away from them. 
    The permissions and duties are the same as GM and all ranks below, plus the right to request staff permissions like spawn bypass and worldguard. On network they also have permissions to change loot chests and add new ones, as well as make changes to the to the map itself(Not on CTW, but for ACV1 for example.)

    GMs is in most other cases the highest rank as staff and has the duties to moderate the servers, moderate the forum and discord. But what stands them apart from Admin is that on some servers they have access to the entity profiler, which essentially is what let's us scan the server for chunks that are laggier than others and address them. They can also perform ingame money refunds.
    They also have permissions to reset passwords and on some servers also the ability to perform manual restarts- Which we never advice for since the plugin we have automatically detects if it's laggy and restarts.

    Admins has the duties to moderate the servers, moderate the forum and discord. It is also the first rank in which Worldedit is given, as well as the ability to reset nicknames on donators - for profanity reasons. - They are also the first rank which has access to "Mytown Admin" which lets them edit anyone's town, adding members manually for example or disbanding abandoned bases(Notice: That if you request a base to be disbanded the base will also be /regened)

    Moderators has the duties to moderate the servers, moderate the forum and discord. Moderator is when you start getting access to the fun stuff- You get things like /vanish as well as the ability to tp to players or positions, spawning in items - for refunds - and to check offline player's inventories and also edit them. They can also Moderate the auctions and Marketplace if needs be.

    Judges has the duties to moderate the servers, moderate the forum and discord. What sets Judge apart from Helper is the ability to Jail, kick and tempban players. While they don't have very much use for ban since most of the rules which results in bans needs a moderator+ to investigate. But this is the point where we gradually start adding permissions to staff.

    Helpers has the duties to moderate the servers, moderate the forum and discord. Here is where we all began, everyone that's in staff was once a helper - well, apart from brunyman. - even myself. This is the most basic rank and for many reasons stands as the "trial" for staff. Often to test if the player in question is committed enough to be active until they reach the higher ranks. So for these reasons the helper's permissions are somewhat limited- They have access to check IP's and see who's ban evading. They can check offline inventories but not edit, they can talk in staff chat and they can warn and mute players.
  12. Haha
    Magical_Coww reacted to xtomyserrax in Report Dupped Keys   
    Also punished AnonymusYo for having dupped keys.
  13. Cookie
    Magical_Coww got a reaction from donoskaro in [Town Rollback Request] mikewerf   
  14. Cookie
    Magical_Coww reacted to EPICfighters in [Transfer] Magical_Coww   
    Transfer Complete
  15. Cookie
    Magical_Coww reacted to southrumble80 in [Discord Spanish Rule] (southrumble80)   
    This is a rule suggestion.

    Your name: 

    Name of the rule you're suggesting: 
    I've seen a lot of players talking in spanish while we can't do that on discord, it doesn't sound like a problem right? but we do have one problem, almost 85% of the players speak spanish and again, most of them can't understand english, i'd like to suggest a rule were network players (or all players) could speak spanish without getting warns, personally i've never seen english people talking on #network_vanilla, we don't have many players left and i'd like to help the rest of them... 

    Rule Description: 
    Supress the Spanish rule on #network_vanilla (or all servers)

    Rule Type (Construction/Competitive/etc.): 

    Discord, Network.
  16. Cookie
    Magical_Coww reacted to mikewerf in [Town Rollback Request] mikewerf   
    Your Name: mikewerf
    Town Name: POG
    Coordinates: 0 78 0
    Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 25/9/2020 12pm gmt+2
    Description of Issue: Some fool griefed our town
  17. Cookie
    Magical_Coww reacted to HeyItsSkay in New CraftersLand Launcher [WIP] [Un-official]   
    New CraftersLand Launcher
    This is a new launcher for the CraftersLand servers and community. As of right now it is not official, yet.
    The launcher is currently a work in progress and will be available for public beta testing sometime in the near future.
    Currently planned features include:
     - [x] Minecraft Login
     - [x] Saving Minecraft Login Information
     - [x] CraftersLand News
     - [x] Fetching Modpacks List
     - [ ] Downloading Modpacks
     - [ ] Support for Optional Mods (BetterFPS, Optifine, Schematica, etc.)
     - [ ] Theme Editor
     - [ ] Launch Arguments
     - [ ] Memory Minimum & Maximum
     - [ ] Launching Minecraft
     - [ ] Auto-update Launcher
     - [ ] Auto-update Modpacks
     - [ ] Native Installing
     - [x] Dynamic Launcher Libraries
     - [ ] Automatic instance migration from old custom launcher
    Any other ideas? Reply to this post and I'll consider adding it to the launcher.
    If you have any ideas for the UI let me know as well.
    GitHub Link for bug reports here.

  18. Cookie
    Magical_Coww reacted to mikewerf in [TEMPLATE] Password Reset   
    Duplicate post
    Topic closed!
  19. Cookie
    Magical_Coww reacted to mikewerf in Item refund request   
    Topic closed!
  20. Cookie
    Magical_Coww got a reaction from mikewerf in [Transfer] Magical_Coww   
    In-game Name: Magical_Coww
    Package: Sponsor, Market Merchant
    Current Server: DDSS
    New Server: Tekkit
    Proof of Ownership (Optional): 
    Special perms*:  /speed /god, worldedit and no cooldowns 
  21. Cookie
    Magical_Coww reacted to xDrews_YT in General Server Improvments & Suggestions   
    Time for another Post, has been a while since the last one!
    First of all, I want to thank the whole Network team for working on Assassins Craft! A lot of things have been fixed and a lot of new cool things like Glaskerville and Items got added, which i really appreciate.
    Same as last time, this post should be meant as a positive critique and I'm writing it because I care about the server and don’t want it to die or decrease even more.
    I will Cut this post into several parts, in which I talk about the server in general and then about some specific game modes.

    Things affecting the server in General
    As we all know, since some years now the player count on network has decreased a lot, this perhaps affected by the popularity of Minecraft itself or also the server. There are number of possible ways with which we could try to bring back more players to the server, which i will list below:
    Advertising the server
    You could advertise the server by maybe partnering up with for example a discord of some sort so you advertise their discord and they advertise Network.
    Also you could try to bring content creators to the server, like it happened some years ago with Youtubers like Inachete and Hiipo, which got a lot of views and brought a part of their community onto the server.

    Another way of advertising it is also social media platforms, for example on reddit or twitter where you can advertise the server and get new players interested in it.
    Downgrading to 1.8
    1.8 is much more stable on both servers and computers and also has a better combat system than the current 1.15. A lot of players also still play on 1.8 for that reason and a lot of servers support that version too. The downgrade doesn’t need to be on the whole server, so modes like pure survival can keep getting updates like the new nether update. The server hub should be 1.8 to 1.16 and there you need to get either 1.8 for pvp modes or 1.16 for survival/creative gamemodes, as it was some time ago with 1.12/1.10/1.8.
    Frequent events/updates
    Instead of focusing on just one gamemode, make updates for the most played ones more often, they don't need to be big, it can be just small additions that will make players want to play and check out the update.

    Also why not make community events, where players compete or have to do something for a small prize (like ingame money)?

    Fixing bugs/plugins
    There are still some bugs that make the game a bit annoying and that are quite easy to fix for someone with a bit of knowledge about the plugins. 
    Also I made the suggestion for a Skin plugin for cracked accounts some time ago (its called SkinsRestorer i think), why not add this? It's updated to the newest version and would give players more personality unlike now where all cracked players have to use the default steve skin.
    Things regarding Assassins Craft
    Since the last post I’ve made a lot of bugs got fixed and some new stuff got added, but still there are some annoying things like bugs or unbalanced items, which can make the game a bit annoying or unfair.
    Another thing is the skill gap between players that play actively and have good gear and newcomers that are not very familiar with the server and usually get killfarmed by better players. In my opinion it is too easy to farm gold and get to a high level in a short time.
    To make that skill gap smaller following things could be done:
    Resetting the entire Assassins Craft mode for every player would bring all players down to the same level, so new players also have a chance to fight against these or to go loot chests without the fear of getting followed or directly killed off spawn
    Decrease Loot
    To make better gear harder to get, chests should either have less gold / weapons in them or gear like armor or weapons should be more expensive in the shops.
    Another idea is to make loot more random, so there isn’t a 100% chance for at least 3 gold to spawn in a specific dungeon but that there is also the chance to get none or just some iron. For players that know every dungeon it's easy to get around 64 gold in under an hour (assuming you have fly from sponsor rank, more later).
    Unfair Items / Abilities
    Some items and other things are really unbalanced, like playing against these in a fight is really annoying or unfair. To make them more balanced they should get made weaker, so you have more chance to fight against them but that they aren’t useless.
    Sniper Rifle / Musket
    Both the Musket and Sniper can be found in some dungeons quite easily and they are really strong in ranged fights. The problem with them is that they are:
    too common to find in dungeons
    hitscan, so the bullet instantly hits there where you are aiming with the crosshair
    ignoring enchantments on armor and do the same damage like they do on unenchanted armor
    making too much damage in general, even the default sniper without any extra perks like + damage or poison can instantly kill a armored player with a headshot
    To make them more balanced, you could
    make them more rare in dungeons or take them out completely so they are only available in the market
    give them bullet travel and dropoff, so the shot takes some time until it hits a ranged target
    make them detect enchantments like protection or projectile protection and reduce damage depending on this
    reduce base and headshot damage, so a full enchanted diamond player doesn’t die from 2 headshots
    disable double rifle which can be used by having a rifle in each hand and swap to the other after shooting with the first one.
    Anti Knockback Shield
    The shield does what a hacking client with andi Knockback and Blockhitting does for you, it blocks damage from incoming attacks and also makes you resistant to any knockback an enemy would give you normally. Just think about it for a second and imagine fighting against something like this as a normal player. Overpowered right?
    The shields abilities could also be reduced and balanced by changing following things:
    Reduce the anti knockback 10 enchantment to like 5, so it blocks 50% of the knockback but not all.
    Give it a cooldown of some seconds until it can be used again after a certain amount of hits on it.

    /Fly for sponsors
    Just think about making a game mode focused on parkour (at least a big part) and then give players the ability to fly through the parkour to the end and get the loot that is there. Sounds pretty boring because it requires absolutely no parkour skill and is unfair to players without the permissions at the same time. Makes it pretty much pay to win, as I said somewhere above with fly you can get a stack of gold in less than an hour, while free players need to do every parkour without fly and have a higher risk of dying by falling into a trap or lava and take much longer to get the same amount of gold.
    Removing fly completely would be fair to every player that hasn’t paid 50€ just to upgrade their stuff faster. Also it would remove the ability to pvp while flying completely.
    Things regarding other gamemodes
    Pure Survival
    Creative Mode

    It’s a SURVIVAL server, so why is there a creative mode? There is also a Creative server meant for creative building, and I think having creative mode gives an unfair advantage, you don’t have any challenge achieving something compared to players that don’t have a sponsor rank and have to do all their things in normal survival. Also creative brings exploits like doing PVP with creative generated Items. Yes, its written in the rules that its not allowed, but not everyone doing it can get caught and not every player knows that their enemy is using generated items that took no effort to make.
    World Edit

    I think Worldedit is a great tool, but it should rather be something for the Creative since it also gives unfair advantages, bypasses claims, like you can delete someones house which is claimed and also blocks generated with World Edit don’t have a Creative tag, so you can mine them as a survival player and make whatever you want with them. This ruins the economy when someone can create stacks of diamond blocks and give them to others or sell them in the market. 
    Nether Update

    The server got 1.16 compatible some time ago and we still can’t use the new Netherite items or go into the new nether biomes. Updating the server completely to at least 1.16 or higher and removing 1.15 support could allow you to enable these things which would be really cool and also would make players come back to the server to try out these new things.
    1.8 downgrade

    Yes, this was talked about multiple times, but we still got no real answer to why id doesn’t get done. The server has no players currently, so why don’t you give it a try and    put it back to 1.8? In that version it had the most players since there was the old PVP system and also the chat still worked. There is nothing to lose, since the lobby server can just be 1.8 up to 1.16 compatible, and in there you can choose between the different servers that just require different minecraft versions.
    Advertise this gamemode

    There are not many minecraft servers having a gamemode like this. The only one that I can think about is Hypixel, which usually has a lot of lag and doesn’t have a good anticheat. So why not use this as an advantage to get players that like the concept of Capture the wool and don’t want a lot of lag? Use sites like reddit that have categories where you can promote a minecraft server.
    That was a lot of writing, hope it was worth it.
    Thanks to everyone taking his time to read this, if you want feel free to comment your own ideas or give feedback.
    And yes, the formatting is weird since I made it in google docs and the website doesn't seem to like that xD.
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    Magical_Coww got a reaction from brunyman in [Password Reset] Swimsam1   
    Password reset complete
  23. Like
    Magical_Coww got a reaction from ManYouForgot in Item refund request   
    Items refunded
  24. Like
    Magical_Coww got a reaction from ManYouForgot in [Inventory Rollback Request] JVIaGiK   
    What server is this for? 
  25. Cookie
    Magical_Coww reacted to mikewerf in Item Removed   
    What kind of dragon egg did you have?
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