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  1. hello it happens to me too is something about hack control happens almost always when you have a mobs farm
  2. I don't inform you that the staff of the Network took Holidays Permanent
  3. ok, but I can't see the Enderchest of others I don't know why I can only see my Enderchest if you accommodate the command to / Enderchest Name 👌 Thank you and excuse my English Happy New Year🎉 I just figured out that the command is like // Enderchest Name but I find empty the Enderchest of the other people it will be a mistake I don't know the truth
  4. / Hat and this command for AC ?🤣 /Enderchest Others is to see the Enderchest of other people not?
  5. you are wrong and I will not say anything else, I have enough problems to address this issue There are other ranges that have these commands that have less access to the commands than the Sponsors + ranges I also ask for that command to help the server, not for fun
  6. Account name: ¡¡TzFermin_ Rank: sponsor + Commands requested: /Vanihs /Hat /Afk /Enderchest Others /FireWork in AC, skyblock, Pure Survival and Hiipo Survival] Reason for request: /Vanihs I ask for this command for the people who duplicate Legendary Create that sometimes I discover them duplicating and every time they see me they disconnect /Hat I like this command because it's like the /skull /Enderchest Other, this command addresses the same topic I said about the Vanihs command. People hide duplicate things and illegal objects. I will have more evidence to report the person /FireWork to edit fireworks to my liking Sorry for my English Merry Christmas🎄
  7. hello I inform you that the command / enchant will not give it to you because it is only for GM staff
  8. notice the Premium + range you have is illegal, it was given by Epivman800 yesterday, so you should remove it
  9. have hacked the Network Server the one who hacked the server was Epivman800
  10. you have to do the post in English Language
  11. another thing to YVELYA27 they have to take away the 9 million money he has because he got them based on Dupped key
  12. Well, thanks EPICfighters for responding, your new profile updates are good.
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