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  1. 3- Yes sorry is correct 4- Ok yes the player use the sword in pvp let me know Thank you for the report Have a nice day T/C.
  2. Hello Piercing IV is a crossbow enchant Piercing IV on a sword is null The sword is legal The player use the sword in pvp ?
  3. Moved to Tekkit Suggestions
  4. Player Warned Thank you for the report Have a nice day T/C
  5. Hello You play on a modded server? Problem solved?
  6. Hello 1- We will investigate how did he get it 2- the bug of which it speaks does no exist in this Server 3- the gold and Amor the player has is legal 4- objects with enchantments Sharpness VI, Luck of the sea X and Lure V ETC .. They are from "BM" 5- "You should no always believe what other players say" 6- When the Black Market was open Items were sold Exclusive like some of which are in the photo The evidence is no clear Report denid Thank for the report👍 and Thanks for your time on this. Have a nice day T/C
  7. Duplicate Post. I will leave the one that is best done T/C
  8. Moved to Tekkit Complaints
  9. Hello Players Baneed Thank for the report @Ranlas Have a nice day T/C
  10. Guys this is no a chat Please stop...
  11. ¡¡TzFermin_


    Hello [Closed] This new notice Have a nice day
  12. Rollback Request Complete Have a nice day T/C
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