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  1. 😁Hello, what you said will be taken into account. now we are working in AC Then follows "Pure Suervival" have a nice day
  2. 😁Hello Moved to Technical Support when you make a post in this case it is [Rollback Request] you must do it with its "respective Template" have a nice day
  3. 😁Hello the player was warned Thanks for the report. For the next report you must make the post here https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/150-complaints/ the reports or another type of post must be done in English in "General the forum everything must be done in English" have a nice day
  4. 😁hello use the template Edit your publication and complete the following form You can copy and paste this form when you edit your post Your Name:Server Name (AC, PureSurvival, etc.):Inventory Rollback or Claim Rollback: Coordiantes:Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Description of Issue: Screenshots (Optional): Finally change the Title of your Publication to [Rollback Request]👏 If you have any "questions", do not hesitate to ask me or the staff that you are connected. Have a good day.
  5. 😁Hello Duplicate Post T/C do not make 2 post requesting the same
  6. 😁Hello in the forum only the english language is allowed edit your post have a nice day use the template when you edit your post copy and paste the template [1] In-Game Username: -(Answer in this line)- [2] Details of Situation: -(Answer in this line)- [3] Ban Category: -(Answer in this line)- [4] Ban Duration: -(Answer in this line)- [5] Staff Member: -(Answer in this line)- [6] ScreenShots: -(Answer in this line)- [7] Your Reason:
  7. 😁Hello There is only one way to be immortal and in the video I can see that you can hurt him the player was able to eat notch
  8. Hello😁 if when the month ends you are the TopVoter you earn it no matter what rank you have
  9. 😁Hello @CriticLC_ This edit request is not possible Cannot Modify Rank
  10. If we are already aware Thanks for the report T/C
  11. Hello CriticLC notch apples are illegal and if there are no markets anywhere
  12. What is this about?
  13. Hello SerbanHero🙂 Rank [Premium] do not have additional permissions only for [Sponsor] and [Sponsor+] You Can To get better Your Package to Sponsor or Sponsor + for Command Requests
  14. Hello DrAgustin, I am on this subject and if unfortunately there is a person who is stealing not-premium accounts
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