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  1. EPICfighters command works perfect I have a problem Topic: the 3 prefixes of my range that in two game modes are not activated, do I have to make another publication to solve the problem? Or I present the problem in this post!😩 Excuse my English
  2. Pure survival is fine. I liked the changes. It remains to put the command in: AC, skyblock, Hiipo Survival only missing in these game modes @EPICfighters Thanks for everything
  3. @EPICfighters Which server did you try it on? I tested it in Pure Survival I put / time set day and it tells me that I don't have permits
  4. EPICfighters there is another problem. I don't have the permissions of the command I requested: / set time day / night @EPICfighters from the previous post I did here I leave you proof of what I say https://imgur.com/a/z6XTqWC Another thing in the game mode of: AC the command: / Skull I can only get my skull I try to put Other usernames to be able to use their skull and it doesn't work here I leave a proof of what I say https://imgur.com/a/SMyfTtW Sorry, I didn't make this message in the previous post. because it was already T/C
  5. Stop offending the server if you have not responded because it is too busy. The one who made the post was _Fellx_ no tu xDrews_YT
  6. Account name: ¡¡TzFermin_ @EPICfighters @Henk @brunyman Rank: sponsor + Commands requested: / skull , AC [ /weather clear in AC, skyblock, Pure Survival and Hiipo Survival] [ /time set day too /time set night in AC, skyblock, Pure Survival and Hiipo Survival] Also [/God in AC, skyblock, Pure Survival and Hiipo Survival] Reason for request: I requested this command but in AssassinCread mode It is not activated: AC here is proof of what I say https://imgur.com/a/1pKOBGR in the other game modes I already have the command but I'm only missing in game mode [AC] Thank you /weather clear: I want this command because the rain is annoying at the time of construction, it gives me a little delay, but I will always ask the people who are connected if they agree to execute the command /time set day/night: This command is due to the fact that new creatures called Phantom are annoying every time I am building very tall structures around them, they are disturbing. but for others I know what it feels like not to be able to make tall constructions, for this reason, these new creatures with the command will die and at the same time help others /God: I ask for this command: because I die without noticing my trolls friends almost always kill me when I'm AFK I also always wanted to have this command Another thing is missing [Vip] in the forum I introduce myself as a Member Add me the [Vip] Thank you Sorry for my English
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