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How To Download And Install Direwolf20 (And Resource Packs)


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Short and simple guide on how to start the game:
1. Download the FTB Launcher from HackPhoenix's site: https://www.hackphoenix.com/feed-the-beast
Direct download link (for Windows 64bit)
2. Start the launcher, chose an installation directory (like C:\FTB), chose the FTB modpacks menu, than "FTB Presents Direwolf20", chose recommended (top line), create a profile (bottom line) and click Launch. (recomended: In the FTB launcher, go to options and set the RAM slider to the half of your PC-s ram. If you have 8GB set it to 4GB)
3. Wait for it to download. When it's done, start the game, and join ftb.craftersland.net
4. Enjoy!
Resource pack instalation:
0. Chose a texture pack from the FTB launcher from the Maps & Tectures menu, or...
1. Download a texturepack from js-legacy.net or www.f32.me or somewhere else.

Direct download link (MC v1.7.10)


2. Start Direwolf20, go to options, resource packs, open resource pack folder, drag and drop the downloaded .zip file.
3. Set the resource pack and enjoy the smooth look!

I hope it'll help. Have a good day! 😃



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HELP!! i have installed it now when i click the LAUNCH button it becomes the way a application would go not responding but without the white transparent sheet and the (not responding) thing on top this is for FTB when i do sky factory it downloads AGAIN and then says you have to have 1.8 or above or update your java i get this message when i join WA but i click ok and it work.

FTB=not responding
SF:error message
WA:Perfectly fine

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I did it exactly as you have described it and it works, but I can't join the server, because my minecraft has 151 mods loaded, but the server has only 150. How can I fix that?

EDIT: I know whats wrong. I have to use the 1.10 version instead of the 1.9. You have to update this topic.

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