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Sponsor Command Request


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Recently before the forum changed i sworn that i posted this but somehow its never to be found now, so just to be safe I'm going to re-write what i wrote

Hi, I'm a sponsor and a helper(yes i lost my forum rank after the new forum) on skyfactory i would like to request just 2 commands, I will explain it why i need those

First I'm requesting /tp i needed the tp so i can help people who is very urgently needed when he/she can't type /tpaaccept very fast for instance, if his/her island is being hoarded by a zombie and there's only a fraction of a second him/her to live, so maybe i can help easily without actually fly to the given coordinate because it would take a lot of time even with 600% more flyspeed using draconic armor it would still takes alot of time if its 10,000 apart

Second  I'm requesting /god i needed god command because I'm not a type of adventurous nor PVP type of guy I'm just here for building and helping, there's no harm for me to have /god right, since i dpn't use it in PVP situation

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Well the point is i of course i need to have a huge responsibilities for the command i have

i've seen sponsor having /tp command

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