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Factions Server Officially Opened!


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Hello Crafter's,


We have officially opened factions today, you can join via the lobby from the survival servers group. We have also moved KitPVP to the MiniGame servers group. You can also join the server using the IP play.archepvp.com (Premium only, if you are cracked use the network lobby). If you have any suggestions or improvements lets us know below! We are always looking to improve our servers. 


To celebrate the opening of factions there is a 50% OFF sale on our donation store, and also a Limited Edition Beta rank, which will be available for only 1 month.


See you on the server!






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1 hour ago, Powerwarp said:

What ip are you using to join? Are you cracked or premium? And what mc version are you using?

okay ignore this post, I didn't try lastest version xD ty for helping

I'm premium, I've tried from both IP. But I'm already registered in mc.craftersland.net, so I suppose someone no-premium has registered in  Play.archepvp.com with my nickname

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