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Better server monitoring system

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I'v been thinking for some time to make a software to better monitor our servers and one that will alert us when something happens, now after 3 days of coding it is finally done!


So to monitor all our Network servers we use a website with a python script to get live feedback and check if all servers are online and how many players on them. While this works fine for the network servers as they don't usually crash, we had no proper system to monitor the modded servers, so I had to check them time to time, on each server console, a lot of time to do that every day and even so sometime you don't get to check right when the server has issues like lag or crashes.


To improve the response times when something goes bad and not wait until someone reports the issue on forum or discord I made a software that will monitor the servers for me and most importantly log when the issues happen and make sound alerts to let me know that there is a problem, so I can run the program in the hot bar and while working on something else I get alerted that there is a problem. Because modded servers can always get issues like lag or crashes we made a plugin to self fix crash loops, do some entity cleanup if there is lag and also save some server data on a database, this is important because the app we made will use the data the plugin saves each minute on the database. The program will check each minute the servers data and issue sound alerts if a server is down, crashes or lags. It will also monitor the entire dedicated servers we have and warn me if one goes down or loses connectivity. Probably in the near future I will also make an android version of the program so I get the warnings when I'm not at home too.


Here some screen shots:



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