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Sky Factory 3.0


Should we change Sky factory 2.5 to Sky factory 3.0?  

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  1. 1. Should we change Sky factory 2.5 to Sky factory 3.0?

    • Yes, i want to play Sky factory 3.0
    • No, i like Sky factory 2.5
    • I want both modpacks!
    • I don`t want to vote, just show me results.

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Not so long ago Sky factory 3.0 came out.

SF3.0 is 1.10.2 version of Minecraft. It got many new mods. Changing SF2.5 to SF3.0 is NOT easy! It will take ALOT of Brunyman`s time and work to setup a new public server. Or change existing server. So, don`t be exited.

I made this poll just to collect data about how much people WANT to get this modpack.

I`m not pushing this modpack. Personally, I don`t even like this version of Sky factory much.

But, if You want to play it, leave your Vote.

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Skyfactory 3 is like a brand new modpack i do not feel its a updated version as its completely diffrent so in this case i think it would be better having both modpacks and i also dont think its good adding SF3 Yet as its still in beta and alot of updates are coming up, ive seen another server having SF3 and they are updating frequently every single week, and such updates might corrupt data which also continues to reset of islands/map

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Totally agree. At curent state SF3.0 is still "raw". But, if community decide to swap/add this modpack, it will take about 2-4 month till Brunyman will add it. Remember how much time it took for FTB IE to be added. Till that time i`m sure updates will end. If not, we can wait a bit more. But we already should know overall community interests. Adding popular modpack can increase population of players

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How much RAM we needed for SF3? Because I've set 4GB of RAM but after it successfully step 7 on forge they act like freeze about half an hour until I have to force kill minecraft (actually on note checking they still work but load 1 file cost about 5 minute)

SF 3.0 is a great mod and change to it is neccessary but I think we shouldn't change to it now because they are a whole new modpack (replace AE2, new Magical Crops, new Ex nihilo Sieve system) and many of them may protection bypass or dupe or cause sv lag so we need to check carefully. So I vote keep both of them, 1 SF3.0 server for tester and the other is normal SF 2.5, after a periot of time we will move to SF 3.0 

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SF 3.0 apears to take up to 5 Gb of RAM.

Yes, at curent state SF 3 is... not so interesting. Not enough mods. Some of them ridiculously overpowered, other just... lame. Many things changed.

Replacing SF2.5 with SF3.0 is not that smart idea. At curent state SF2.5 is more ballanced then 3.0.

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I'd like a SF 3.0 Server, but only after most of the problems are gone. I do understand that setting up a server for it will take a while, so by that time most of them will be gone(I hope).

But, as Thomason said, I do think the SF 2.5 server should stay.

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Mind if i add my two cents in aswell :P? I was -at first- reluctant for trying out skyfactory 3 as some of the major mods being removed (MFR being one of the prime examples) but honestly, after trying it out, it gives experienced players like myself a whole new experience to the modpack progression since we have to find new ways and explore new mods throughout the modpack to reach end-game. +1

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I haven't played much Skyfactory 3, but I wasn't very excited for the pack. What I've gathered so far:

Eat rain
Googly eyes
No experience from diamond spikes
No thaumcraft
No witchery
Grid power for transfer nodes and angel rings
Shear the skin of cows, pigs, and chickens
Chickens that poop awakened draconium

Edit: Also no Steve's Factory Manager?

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