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Well those were some quick series of replies if i say so myself :P 

4 hours ago, Henkekalmar said:

That should be clientsided and not the server's fault.

Try reinstalling the entire modpack. 

As Henk said, this is most likely the issue as I haven't heard any other report like this from other people on the server/discord. Usually, corrupted files can cause issues like this to occur on specific computers depending on which file was incorrectly downloaded. Try deleting your previous skyfactory2 modpack file and download it again to -hopefully- fix the issue.

If reinstalling the modpack didn't help, your next best bet is to update Java on your computer. I don't want to go into too much detail on this as it's self-explanatory .

If the following 2 methods didn't work, I would suggest increasing the amount of ram you have allocated to the modpacks. Open your FTB launcher, go into options and there should be a slider for the amount of ram you want to allocate. I'd suggest using 4gb's of ram since its the recommended value for Skyfactory2.

Let me know about the situation if it was/wasn't fixed

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