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Hello there forum wanderer,

As diverse as the tekkit modpack is, most people tend to stick to a select few mods they always use (either because it's all they know or because they really like those mods).

So i've been curious about what mods the most and least favorite are within the Craftersland's tekkit community. Personally i am a huge fan of mods such as Atomic Science and Thermal Expansion as they both deliver a diverse and challenging set of machinery. Ofcourse i have mods i don't like as much... Computercraft for example is one of those mods i steered clear of as much as i could.

So, what mods do you love and hate? Post them down here in the replies! :D

~ Nukes

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Applied Energistics, Thermal Expansion, Modular Powersuits, and BigReactors are all awesome and well programmed (esp. the first two). The rest of the mods are sometimes annoying but good for the most part. I also like the content that Galacticraft adds but it's feeling more and more gimicky. I'm getting into Mystcraft now for shits and gigs.

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