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Question about a rule


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I have a question about a rule:

[6] No Using ComputerCraft for the following below:

 (...) 6. Profile or database players of any rank for any reason.


What does that rule means? Can I make a list of players with the balance of a virtual currency of my own?

I think I would not be infringing because I would not be storing information about the player. Just information from my store but I'm asking because I'm not sure. I hope that I can do this because I have my store almost ready and would be awful have to delete it :(

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But it seems to me that the rule refers to information about the player. This restricts the use of CC a lot.

Can I warn to the player before the use of my store so they can agree to add his name to my economy? So they have to press a button or something before using it. 
I really would appreciate it if you could. It would not hurt anyone.

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This is a good matter to bring up. Yes it could pose threats as in some way you database player's info, but on the otherhand it could be a great community thing.

As it's just a name with a random number (seperare currency) i don't see any issue with it. It might even be something that could improve the economy...


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