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Hi! I just want to do this to know what kind of series do you like and your recommendations.

I'm watching right now one, is “Money Heist” it's really good, hope you watch it

My favorite serie is dark! 

Which is your favorite serie?

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My favorite shows are:
orange is the new black, modern family, new girl, one day at a time, gilmore girls, arrested development, brooklyn nine nine, orphan black, stranger things, house of cards, mindhunter, queer eye, the end of the f***ing world, friends, breaking bad and the crown.

I reallyyy recommend mindhunter and one day at a time. 

one day at a time is just an uplifting, fun comedy series. 
mindhunter is a crime series, where you follow a few fbi agents in the 70's who do research into serial killers.

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Star trek discovery had a pretty shitty start, but ended sooo well.

Jessica Jones, had a great first season, and the first half of the second season was just as good as the first though the latter half pales a little (the last episode of the second season is a masterpiece though.

Iron Fist as overall meh, great female leads, terrible main character.

Daredevil had the complete opposite effect Iron fist had for me, main character being amazing, and elektra being a bit shit.

LukeCage was sooo good, jeez I loved it.

Ajin Demi Human was hard to follow, and I just didn't really enjoy it.

The Punisher Is great, my father loves it, and its just rather enjoyable.

Death Note is really bad, I just... no, why was it made!

Van Helsing is not bad, my father enjoys it, and I loved the first few episodes. 

Castlevania, short, sweet, and OMG did it leave me wanting more, IT WAS AMAZING.

Devilman CryBaby, was very enjoyable but I didn't like the ending.

Voltron Has A great start, though I've yet to watch enough to pass judgement.

Knights of Sidonia is amazing, took my number one spot as my favorite anime, replacing Blood+.

The seven deadly sins, great story, OP main characters which I personally love in anime, but man FAN SERVICE is the first thing I can think of when I think of the seven deadly sins.

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