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Staff members' skins :)

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Hello guys!

Many months ago, I started building some of my friends' skins that are staff members in the Network Server. However, I didn't have a forum account, so I wasn't able to share them here. Unfortunately, some of them have changed their skins. However, I want to share the buildings with you, because I think that they are worth it. Here're are them.

MarceLOL - https://imgur.com/apZWxTr

AdriStrike - https://imgur.com/IJTgsXk & https://imgur.com/WbuFCoY

Jimmel - https://imgur.com/W5aCCE3

Fire_Ligth - https://imgur.com/a/HDP1G

BasGroen - https://imgur.com/x3XJySU

I want to say a sorry to those whose skins haven't been updated. If I have time, I will update them. Also, I will probably build a few new as well.

Have a nice day,



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Ok, so I want to say that I don't have much space left on my plot. However, as I said before, I will probably build few other skins too. Also, I haven't built some staff members' skins because they change their skins very often or because they aren't Network staff members.

On 1/4/2018 at 10:38 PM, Alguien said:

Did you know that you could make those constructions with just one command?

What a waste of time lmao

First of all, I don't have access to commands, because the skins were built in a server. Secondly, I wanted to build them and not just find a command that can make a model with armor stands. I wanted to build them. Moreover, I don't think that it was a waste of time. Also, just in case you think that I have no idea of commands, I have to say that I have made a very simple model using commands (without using any generator). Here's a picture of it: https://imgur.com/6iMRU3z .Last but not least, I want to say that I'm working on a new, more advanced project.

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I want to say that my fav skin was Jimmel's, adristrike's (the blue one and stuff xd) and basgroen's (the combination of orange and pink)

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My old man skin is the best one and all of you know it! ;)

And you will need to add the christmas hat because I'm too lazy to remove it from my skin and I won't need to put it back the next year. :D

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