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[Presentation] TaraBites

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Name: Tara

IGN: TaraBites

Age: 24!

CraftersLand Servers you play: I've played SF3, Direwolf 1.7.10, and now currently on Revelations (Helper!)

Location: Oklahoma, USA

A short description of yourself: Well, I'm 5' 8", blonde with blue eyes. I love chocolate (as seen by my picture), I love Minecraft (as seen by my constantly being on Rev), animals are life, my bf Viper is my reason for living (no joke, he's saved my life a couple times), and I'm a stickler for rules, but I can let loose sometimes and have fun and crack jokes :) Just ask Behh!

Hobbies and interests: Like I said before, chocolate, Minecraft, puppers/doggos/kitties, chocolate, caffeine, my bf, any and all music, making friends is fun (but I kinda suck at making and keeping them)

Discord / Skype Name: I don't use Skype anymore...my Discord is TaraBites#8094 add me and we can chat :) (If you're on the server's discord, that's the only way to message me, since I think that's how my settings are set up)

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7 hours ago, FreeFallFTW said:

Nice to meet you Tara !(I already met you xd)


7 hours ago, Yusixs said:

Nice to see that you've made one of these posts :). I STILL have to make mine but I don't think it's needed since I've been here for quite a while and it would look weird . Either way, welcome! ?

I've been here for almost 2 months, so I figured I should make one now xD thanks boss man

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