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[Presentation] ViperBites


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Name: Frank but I perfer to be called Viper :P


IGN: ViperBites


Age: 26


Crafter's Land Servers you play: Revelation [Helper]


Location: Murica!


A short description of yourself: ummm I am pretty boring. I work all night. Listen to wrestling podcast while I do. Come play minecraft with my GF @TaraBites


Hobbies and interests: Wrestling (been watching 23ish year) Video Games

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18 hours ago, SuperSlimesKing said:

Hi Viper, looking forward to meeting you.



17 hours ago, TaraBites said:



10 hours ago, FreeFallFTW said:

You'll be a great helper Viper! ?


8 hours ago, akaElite said:

Welco- wait, you have been here for like a week...


Thank you all

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