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Due to the recent bugs with Refined Storage or RS many people have logged on to find their RS drives are gone along with everything in them. To add to that we can not for some reason rollback RS drives. Therefore once your drives are gone your stuff in them are gone permanently, we can refund you new drives but they would be empty.


Instead if you would like you can make a refund request requesting us to exchange your RS system for an Applied Energetics 2 or ME system. How this works is you would take what you have on your RS system (Crafting Grid, Drives, Storage Cells, ect) and then figure out what that item is for the ME system which it should be called very near the same thing, then put that list on the Refund Request. And whenever a staff member for Revelations can we will leave you a chest or give you the items if you are on the server. However once you tear down your RS system please leave it in a chest or give it to a staff member so we can delete it. 

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