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Inventory rollback request


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Your Name: FoxyMeanie
Coordinates: near 4210/4210 (I don't know exact coordinates, but I suppose that's only relevant for town rollbacks anyway)
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 11/6/2018, 11:45 (Time zone: Central Europe)
Description of Issue: I was peacefully building my secret laboratory inside a mountain (shhh), when I realized my resonant energy cell is nearly empty, which could be fatal, since I was flying around like a bee, and the only power source for my power armor is actually just the cell. So I prevented this danger just in time, went to my reactor and connected the cell to one of nodes there. That was the time when I suffered a terrible LAG! When I placed my cell into the reactor output, another one appeared in my inventory. I placed 3 more, and the only thing I was able to think about was, how I will have to get rid of them if it is really duplicated, and how I love everyone of the admin team and admire everything they do! "Thank the gods" I thought, when these duplicated cells vanished. I couldn't live knowing I duplicated at least a single dirt block.

For a brief moment, everything looked normal. There were only sounds of my huge fusion reactor plant, sun shining through a little hole in the mountain, I felt like I really found a place where my heart belongs.

It was only a matter of seconds when my game crashed, my lips started trembling, my heart was about to jump out of my chest, and every single cell in my body stopped working for a moment. I knew this is not good, that my only hope for survival vanished, and my eternal war with server lags continues.

When I woke up, I found myself lying dead on a lower floor of the laboratory, in a stockpile of dirt, unable to get up (couldn't respawn).

Once I was finally able to take a look with my own eyes to the place where I was supposed to die like a rat, there were none items on the ground. The place was empty, as well as my soul, that was full of hope and love only a few minutes ago.

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