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Hello, and welcome to how to create a mob farm with no lag issues.

Mob Farm



So mob farms are usually a cause of a bunch of lag problems, however I have found a way to be able to run 15 draconic level spawners without causing any issues. You might be able to do more but this is as far as I have tested. Below I will describe how to set this or a version of it up and add pictures of my mob farm. This in theory should work any size as long as you make sure everything stays within the range of the machines. 


To start I will list the blocks and upgrades you should use. The blocks I use are shown to not cause lag when others can cause lag. The biggest thing you should not change is the Mob Crusher, This mob crusher will not cause any issues while ones like the Draconic Evolution Mob Grinder will cause lag issues. 


For pictures of some of this stuff click Here and you can see some examples of my mob farm and possibly better explaining some things.


  • Industrial Foregoing Mob Crusher 
  • Range Upgrades for the Mob Crusher (I will explain more down below)
  • Ender IO Vacuum Chest (I will explain more down below)
  • Any spawner will do however if using stabilized spawners from Draconic Evolution Only upgrade to a max level of Awakened. Chaos level causes lag
  • Wither Builder (If you are wanting to make a wither farm)
  • Redstone/Red Alloy Wire + Lever (To make a shutoff) 
  • Ender IO Conduits (Power, Items, and Fluid)
  • XP Collection Method 
  • Black Hole Tank (Or any other tank but Black Hole Tanks are the biggest) 


Now these are what you need to set up the main bit of the mob farm. Later I will explain how I sort the mob drops and some other things


Now about the Range upgrades and the Vacuum Chest, these depend on the size of the mob farm you set up. What you want is to have the entire floor of your mob spawning room covered using range upgrades. If your room is wider you may require multiple Mob Crushers so that you cover the exact area. Now something you do not want to do is just cover a wall with mob crushers and just put in the biggest upgrade when your room is small. This is only going to waste your resources. Below I will include pictures of how my mob farm looks and how everything is set up. 


For a text explanation what you want is to not have mob crusher ranges overlap, if you have a 5x10 area you would need 2 mob crushers, each having a 5x5 range upgrade. For the Vacuum chest the range can go from 1-6, you will want to make sure you have every block covered on the inside of your mob farm so there is no chance of any drops being left out of range and then having a pileup of drops that will cause issues. This may require multiple Vacuum Chests which is perfectly okay. Side note however some of you may be wondering well doesn't the Mob Crusher collect mob drops? Yes it does but it also for some reason does not collect all so you will need to also have the vacuum chest 


Next up would be the XP Collection, I personally do this with the Insightful Condenser and Ender Tanks to transport the liquid to a Black Hole Tank. This really comes to personal preference another way you could do this would be using the XP Vacuum from Ender IO and set it up just like the Vacuum Chest. Now if you are thinking well why do I care about xp? Well first off if you leave a bunch of xp on the ground it will start to build up and could cause lag. And we wouldn't want to cause lag now would we? No okay good. Another thing is after collecting all this XP you can use a Fluid Dictionary Converter and change the XP to Essence for the Mob Duplicator or you can also change it Essence of Knowledge and use it for some cheeky item repair using Thermal Expansion. 


Now next up would be the sorting of mob drops, this ultimately comes up to you as this is not the part that causes the lag usually but I thought I would include how I personally do it. So if you have a special way of doing it or want to do it your own way you don't have to bother reading this paragraph if you would not like to. Anyways this is where Ender IO Conduits come in big play, The essence I pipe into a black hole tank or two very close to the mob farm for later use, very simple and that takes care of essence, other things you could do is use a fluid trash can if you do not want it. Next up is items, this is a little more complicated but not too bad. Using ender IO Conduits since you can bundle fluid, item, and power in one I connect up the vacuum chest and mob crushers to an ender chest and trash can. Now this part depends on what mobs you are going to spawn. Grab two Ender IO Item filters or big item filters if you think you will need more room. (Slight tip to make life easier, if you keep the filters stacked and just open then with shift right click it will apply the settings to both then you only have to change one setting on one of them so that one is a blacklist and one a whitelist.) Now you will need to figure out what mob drops you want from the mobs being spawned. For this example I will use the mobs of Zombie, Skeleton, Blizz, Blaze, and Enderman. So for this example the drops I want are (Rotten Flesh, Bones, Blizz Rods, Blaze rods, and Enderpearls) So grab your filters and put the drops you choose or in this example the drops in the parenthesis into the filters. Now if you considered my advice and kept them stacked the next step is very easy, separate the two filters into to slots in your inventory and change ONE of them to blacklist and keep one whitelist. Now take the whitelist one and put it in the ender chest that in my case goes to my me system. This would be for the drops you want to KEEP. Now the Blacklist one is for any drop that you do not want, how this works is if the drop is in the filter it ignores it and passes it on to the ender chest Any drop that is not in the filter so let's say, armor goes in the trash can. In other words this goes to the Trashcan, this means anything that isn't in the filter gets trashed. So let's say for example a piece of armor gets dropped. It will get trashed because it is not one of the drops you selected to keep.

(If any of this is confusing just ask me in game because this is the best I can explain it :P) 


Now if you want to used cursed earth instead of spawners then there is a few things you must follow to not cause any lag. Do not make it so the mobs have to travel to the "kill area" by this I mean do not have them spawn up above then drop down, instead put the cursed earth as the floor. Next, make sure you have a way to shut off the cursed earth. This can be accomplished by using simple vanilla mechanics with redstone and redstone lamps. This ensures that if anything goes wrong you have a very easy way to stop it. Lastly make sure you can control it, if something goes wrong with your killing setup and mobs start piling up it will start to cause lag. And we are trying to prevent lag here ;) 


Now next I will talk about how I power this, again if you have your own way or just want to connect to your main power you can skip this however this will provide a fail proof way to supply constant power to the mob crushers. This is very simple and will require very little.


  • Magmatic Dynamos from Thermal Expansion (Around 6 should do)
  • Upgrade kits up to resonant for the dynamos
  • Augments to increase the power the dynamos supply.
  • Ender tank set to red/red/red for free lava from spawn
  • Ender IO Energy and fluid conduits


Now all you are going to do is quite simply set up the power source and connect it to just the mob farm area. This will prevent your mob farm from failing if your main base power cuts off for any reason.


This concludes the "Mob Farm" part of the guide and more parts will come soon. Feel free to dm me with any questions or concerns you may have or if you need help setting anything up or you need help understanding my too long text. :P 


Here is another link to the pictures if you don't want to scroll up and are lazy like I can be :P  










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