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| Welcome to Imperium! |


Finally! after hard working our build team has been working to remodel this city and give us a new one!

We are very happy with this city and we hope you have the best experience. 

We have added a lot of parkours, loots, npc and new features with a lot of lore!



Wanna have your own parrot? Now u can have it!





||But, in the night... The darkness gets Imperium and it becomes a city where fear and clashing swords abound.||



The entrance:




Finally i have to say thanks to: @Adriiibr - @KayWolves - @FireKun that they are ex-staffs that they build the general city

And  thank also to:  @TheTheadNote - @DongSnipper(SlendyOn) @Jimmel - @flamefurno @Flander7w7 that they help doing parkours and bringing us new features as a plugin management.


Nothing more to say thanks to all for your pantient, find all the easter eggs and have fun with the new city!

Explore, have good time and good luck from all build team.


And as @TheTheadNote(MrThead) always said:

|💖 The best work is do it together 💖

||And if we fall, we will rise together||




All your possitive comments give us more encouragement to continue building! And to finish this I want to say....

                    We need more builders in the Builder Team, would u want to apply?

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