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Ctw Tournament


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Hi, Note: This is just a suggestion


Soo i was thinking, why dont we make a CTW tournament, it would be awesome .We can start with 20 teams and then we need to groupe the teams like red with blue , yellow with black, players must make their teams before participating.


What do you guys think?

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it would be awesome.but what reward? only fun?

Good idea but if it was properly managed  by  tournament organizer, often in ctw there are many hacker and little staff.

if the tournament will going to be done in an open way, without supervisors of it it would be the whole madness

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Guys, ppl have right to choose with who they play, why we have to delete that? They can participate, and staff can monitorize event and can just kick whole team if someone hack, or whatever.


Nice ideea, I will help, I'm sure you will need, because I don't see who will in that moment.

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if this server wants to host a tournament (I hope it does) you will need to create a new page/module where players can form their own teams and their team rosters can be displayed




not advertising, but this is how the avicus network does their team/tournament organisation

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