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  1. Haven't listened to The Killers in a while, so when I found their playlist I thought, why not share some songs with you guys?
  2. I watched the first episode of The Flash, but I didn't really like it. I will add Travelers to the list though, it looks nice. Not sure if I'll watch Scorpion
  3. Oh yeah.. Woops. Guess I'll add Home Alone too. And I know, I should've watched Breaking Bad ages ago.
  4. Hello there, I've watched a lot of movies and an okay-ish amount of series in my short life, so I wanted to share them with you :). If there's a titel in bold, it means I liked it Movies: Watched Planning on watching Series Watched Planning on watching
  5. Problem resolved. T/C
  6. Again, an older song. I haven't listened to it in a while and then *boom*, I heard it in a movie. Enjoy
  7. Hello, I bought S+ not so long ago(maybe 10 mins ago) and it has removed my Helper rank and permissions. Could someone fix this? -Dragon
  8. Accepted Name: Melissa Minecraft Username: DragonLady Age: 17 Languages you speak: Dutch, English, German is average and my French is not that great, but I do understand some bits. Country + Time Zone: The Netherlands, GMT+1 Do you have a microphone?: Yes, I do. Discord Name and ID*: DragonLady#5226 Staff Requirements: On average, how many hours can you play per day?**: I try to be online 2-4 hours per day. Can you join the forums everyday?: Yes I can. Have you ever been banned?: Nope. A short description of your strengths (For example, a good team worker): I'm good at explaining stuff, and I'll try to help new players to find their way into the modpack. I learn stuff quite quickly. If there's a problem, I have to find a solution. A short description of your weaknesses (For example, getting angry sometimes): Sometimes have the problem where I don't get a joke and think someone is being serious, that's it really. What can you offer us if you were chosen?: An active player who will help others when needed. What experience do you have any experience as a staff member? Exemplify: I've been a moderator on 2 smaller vanilla servers and even became owner of one of them. Sadly that server closed because the person that hosted it didn't like it anymore. On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being Nothing and 10 Being Absolutely Everything, how well do you know the mods and contents of the FTB Infinity Evolved Modpack?: I'd say an 8. I've played a lot of modpacks, so I should know most mods by now. Have you read the requirements and the list of your permissions?: Yes, I have. Scenarios: Two players are fighting in global chat, what do you do?: If I haven't been there since it started, I ask them both what the problem is. If they're fighting about what energy source is better, I just tell them to take it in private chat or to /ignore each other. If it's a bigger fight and I can't help them, I'll ask higher up to check it out and see what they would do. Another staff member is giving you grief, what do you do?: I'll ask them what I did wrong and try to work it out together. If that doesn't work, I ask another staff member for their advice. You see a player griefing spawn, what do you do? (Helpers do not have access to ban): First I'd tell them to stop because it's against the rules. If they don't stop after asking I'll make screenshots and put it in the Discord chat or forums so they can be banned. I hope this is enough. Good luck to everyone Best regards, Melissa
  9. I didn't make the cliffs, but I am changing them to make it look a bit more natural. Same goes for the edge of the island.
  10. Thanks, it's working
  11. I know that when I abuse WE, that it will be taken away, so I won't use it on other people's islands, even if they ask me to do something.
  12. Account Name: DragonLady Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands: World Edit (//wand //pos1 //pos2 //set //replace //redo //undo //hcyl //cyl //sphere //hsphere //brush //mask) Reason for Request: I'd like world edit so I can make my island look a bit prettier. I won't use it on large areas, just small spots, because doing it by hand would take ages.
  13. Well, hello there. So I've been playing Skyfactory for a while now and I thought, why not share my island? So here it is, enjoy! First off we start with the island from above: Here you can see the mansion, a big butterfly, 2 lakes and a vertical farm. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next lets take a closer look at the mansion: Here's the front of the mansion. And the back. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then we go to the butterfly, the warp and the vertical farm: The butterfly was built by Lancelot and the vertical farm by island member RandomNukes. The small island above the small lake is where you go to when you warp to the island. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the left side of the butterfly we have some mountains and a small forest: You can see the river going through the trees. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That was the top layer, let's move to the lower one. You get there by some elevators at the warp island: Here you can see the spot where most stuff happens. It has an ME System, a trashcan (sometimes you don't like a block), an experience obelisk, a wireless charger for when you mined too much, a draconic infuser(when the wireless charger is too slow) and last but not least there's an upgrade modifier. In the back you can see the QED setup --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a closer look at the QED setup: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's use the elevator in the middle to take a look at the automation and DSU storage: Here are the assemblers, co-processing units and the crafting storage. When you turn around you can see my blocks, ores and misc. storage on the left side, next to half of the automation setup, and on the right you'll see my gems, ingots, essence and thaumcraft storage, with the other half of the automation setup. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When we use the elevator once more (last time we'll use them to go down, I promise), we get to the tunnel that leads to the energy cores: Behind here is a portal that teleports you directly to the cores, and the 2 bigger portals on the side teleport you back to the elevater (These are just here for lazy people like me). You can see the cores in the distance A closer look at the cores: (There's one more storage core on a level lower, but I promised there would be no more elevators :P) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's go back to the second layer, where the ME System is: This is what the building looks like that has the ME system in it, it's not pretty, but shhhhh: When you turn around you can see the reactor, doing it's job: As you could see at the right side of the pic, there's something purple going on. This is my Infusion spot for Thaumcraft. I use essentia mirrors to get the essence to the altar When we use some elevators to go down (Sorry guys, I promised, but this time I swear it's the last time we're using elevators), we get to the Wisp farm with a small ME storage for the ethereal essence, and a lot of jars with all 55 essence on both sides. You can also see my stabilized node, which powers the centrifuges. When we go back up there's also a farm for crops on the left side of the reactor. From this I get the essence you saw in my storage, as well as everything else on the right side. Most of the essence gets crafted into the right items directly, the ones that have multiple crafting items, go to the storage. When you turn around there's a wither farm, with a wither skull and soulsand farm. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is what my island looks like as of 15-5-2017, but I'll update this post when I build something new. If you have any suggestions on what I should build next, feel free to leave a comment :). Dragon.
  14. Aloha everyone, my name is Melissa and currently I'm 17 years old. On the servers I'm called DragonLady, but friends call me Mel, cause they're too lazy to write my name. (Random fact: My best friend sometimes calls me Coco Chamel) I'm from the small country somewhere in Europe called the Netherlands, but it's nothing like the nether. It's too cold for that. I like playing Skyrim and GTAV, and watch too many MCU movies. I also like to browse Tumblr a lot and I'm addicted to chocolate. I listen to a lot of older rock and metal bands, cause I kinda grew up with that. I love action movies and series, so if you recommend me one, I'll try to watch it if I haven't already. I like chemistry and I hope I'll be studying Applied Science in 3/4 months. After I'm done with that, I want to do work with materials or do something to find a better source of energy. I'm kind of a loner, and other than interweb people I don't talk to a lot of people. My Minecraft experience started somewhere in 2010, after I started watching some videos of it on YouTube. I mostly played singleplayer, but after 2 years I found some friends at school that played Minecraft too, so we looked for some servers to play together on. We played Skyblock on there and we were quite famous. After a while we were left with the two of us, RandomNukes and I. We met a girl called Seefoodeater and we became friends. On YouTube I saw some people playing modded Minecraft, and I was like "wuuuut, I want that too". Luckily Nukes knew a person who had a small private Tekkit server, so we played on that for a while. (You can't really say "played", cause we just messed around with the rockets...) After his friend stopped hosting I kinda stopped playing Minecraft for a while. Fast forward 2 years and I saw a video about Skyfactory. It was perfect, I loved skyblock, so combined with mods it would be awesome. I asked Nukes to join me and that's how my adventure here started. We played a lot, and our island got bigger and bigger. Eventually we met this awesome guy called Beh(yep, didn't forget you buddy :P). We talked a lot and after a bit he joined our island. Unfortunately our island became a bit too much, and I derped a lot with the Draconic Staff which made me veinmine a big part of the island. We started a new island and Nukes started making fancy mountains. Eventually we stopped playing for a few months for some personal stuff, but we came back and stronger than ever. This is when I met Greenbox, he taught. All of a sudden some guy called Lancelot started talking to me, and it turned out he was Greenbox. Nukes and I expanded the island and we liked the server so much, we both bought Premium+. After that Nukes went to the Tekkit server, and he left me alone with all his unfinished projects. I tried playing Tekkit for a bit, but it was not my kind of modpack. I stayed on Skyfactory and bought Sponsor+. In all my years of Minecraft, I'd say this is the best server I've been on and I hope it'll be here for many more years. I think this is all of my Mincraft history summed up :D. I probably forgot a lot of important stuff, but oh well. Recently I've also joined the Discord group and it's fun, so you guys should join if you haven't yet. I guess that's all I have to say about myself. (If you have any questions left, feel free to ask) Adios
  15. I'd like a SF 3.0 Server, but only after most of the problems are gone. I do understand that setting up a server for it will take a while, so by that time most of them will be gone(I hope). But, as Thomason said, I do think the SF 2.5 server should stay.