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  1. Thaumcraft Research

    You'll have to disable it in your configs. Quagma made a post for it on how to disable it (It's on DW20, but it's the same idea as IE) Here's the post: -Dragon
  2. [Rollback Request] Chests Inventory & Town

    As stated above, rollback no longer needed. T/C
  3. Hello! New scheduled stream for later today. Join Henke on his mission where he tries to be good at games. Click here to get to the stream! More info here:
  4. until
    Join the stream and watch Henke play some games, today at 9pm CET(gmt+1) http://twitch.tv/henkekalmar
  5. Bau disappeared[Refund Request]DarkingStar

    Now you wait for a mod or higher to refund your items. Also, try not to bump a post before 48 hours have passed, they will see this post -Dragon
  6. Bau disappeared[Refund Request]DarkingStar

    Hello If you know what items you lost you can use the following template to make a refund request. If it's too much or you can't remember all of the items, you can make a rollback request using the next template. -Dragon
  7. Twitch stream!


    Love the Kittycam. I give the stream a perfect 5/7. -Dragon
  8. Lost 3 chest full of stuff

    Player made a rollback request in Technical Support. T/C
  9. Lost 3 chest full of stuff

    If you want your stuff back, please make a rollback request in Technical Support using the following template. Also, next time try to edit your first post, instead of making new replies. That makes it easier for us :). -Dragon
  10. As player said, money received. T/C
  11. Complaining About Imperatus and Others

    I don't even know how to respond to this to this to be honest. When there's a person that asks if someone has a gf for sale, you don't say "ask DragonLady". I so think Impertus doesn't have to apologize. I didn't like the way you said something about me, so he punished you according to the rules. Here's a also a screenshot of what happened:
  12. Rollback Request

    Okay :). Rollback succesful. T/C
  13. Rollback Request !

    Rollback succesful. Thanks Bruny T/C
  14. Player reset

    Problem solved. T/C
  15. [command request] (Sponsor - TotalImpact)

    Commands got added. T/C