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  1. User punished, thanks for reporting. T/C
  2. Next time use the correct complaint template. User will be punished, thanks for reporting. T/C
  3. MrAle said in a PM that the complaint was not for him, but for someone else. Maybe it was a lie, but we cannot do anything until proven guilty. if you have any other proof send it in a PM. T/C
  4. T/C
  5. Bump the post only when 48 hours have passed please, and be patient.
  6. Next time put the "Name of the user you are complaining about:". User Punished. T/C
  7. User warned. T/C
  8. Users already warned verbally. T/C
  9. Hello, These pictures show me you used HB In safezone. Unban Request Denied T/C
  10. User Punished. T/C
  11. Users punished. Sorry for the delay. T/C
  12. T/C
  13. report

  14. Users punished, thanks for reporting. T/C
  15. User punished, thanks for reporting. T/C
  16. User punished, thanks for reporting. T/C
  17. Get someone with //drain. ^^ If it sucks up a bit of water you can //fixwater. If drain works on modded liquids at all? I'm not sure.
  18. The topic will not be closed since this is a complaint, not an unban request. Wolf, please edit your topic using the complaint template. The user decided not to complain. T/C
  19. Indeed a nice video, shows the most important dungeons for starters. Altho it might not take 15 minutes as they don't own a hook. Anyhow, very nice.
  20. User punished, thanks for reporting. T/C
  21. This is not your post, do not bump it, if the creator wants to bump it he will do it himself.
  22. User punished, thanks for reporting. T/C
  23. Users warned. T/C
  24. Users warned. About you MrAle, you know you are banned but you still keep Evading it? I suggest you to stop with the evades , otherwise your ban on all of your accounts will be very very big. Notice that each time you evade we will increase it for a duration. T/C
  25. Hello, Your Ban duration has been extended because of another ban evade (4th Offense as you can see). Here is the Proof of another account of yours evading the ban. The translation of the message is (sorry for the word) : "Motherfucker why did you report me on MrAle" And MrAle, as we all know is your account. Your Ban Duration Will stay the same. T/C