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  1. Uuuhm question... I wanted to buy the pass yesterday but I saw you can use Paymentwall. Will this be coming later? Because I (like many others) don't have PayPal or credit card. This will probably lower the amount of people playing on it. If Paymentwall won't be coming then i guess I'll make a PayPal account :P
  2. sounds good! I will definitely come hang around!
  3. Crash source found and fixed. T/C
  4. Fixed. T/C
  5. rollback is good, T/C
  6. For command requests please use the correct template and prefix.
  7. IGN: wiktor Crashed server on login, might be his location. if not, playerdata reset may be required. Edit: location and inventory look fine, unbanned and still crashed the server. account is banned again until higher ups can take a look.
  8. ^^ Probably one of my new favorite songs, thanks Yusixs!
  9. Ok, thank you very much! T/C
  10. Ambition is priceless
  11. Account Name: ontario_99 Rank: Sponsor+ / Helper Requested Commands: basic world edit, vanish, town bypass Reason for Request: World edit: working on a big project and WE would really speed it up. Vanish: I have noticed and heard that a lot of people spam and abuse chat when no staff is online. /v would help me find the people who do this and warn/punish them. It would also be very helpful for finding dupers/griefers. Town bypass: This makes it a lot easier to help people with mods and setups in their base. doing that now is very difficult because I am in 3 towns so I can't join someone's town to help, and most people don't want to change their perms. note: I talked to a GM about these commands, There is no hurry in getting it. And if it is in any way difficult to give me access to WE, I'm fine with doing it all by hand. If you don't think I should have any of these commands that's no problem. Thank you!
  12. rollback request

  13. Town name: Distopia Coordinates: x:-2166,z:-13-,y:58
  14. The beginning of this song says enough
  15. no one mentioned Shooter yet... Shooter (!!) Top Gear Prison Break The walking dead Sherlock Breaking Bad