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  1. Your favorite music

    A nice calm song to relax to
  2. [Refund request]Mega_Dianite666[DW1.7]

    whooops, sorry about that It's Mega_Dianite666 yea
  3. [Help] Install Direwolf20

    Both servers have staff and people playing them but, the 1.10 just got released so that has more players at the moment. They are very different packs imo, so it just depends on what you like. If you are new(ish) to modpacks I'd go for the 1.7 as I feel that's easier to progress in. But this is my opinion and others might find the 1.10 easier. Both packs are fun and both have a very nice community playing them, so it doesn't really matter what you chose!
  4. Welcome to our base!

    Glad to see people like it! I'll do some updates on it as the base progresses
  5. [Help] Install Direwolf20

    There is! Do you want to play on the 1.10 or the 1.7? If you want to play on the 1.10 I'd recommend downloading twitch here and going to mods, you can add the pack there. This is because some people (like me) can't launch the 1.10 with FTB legacy launcher. If you have any problems feel free to ask, if not I'll see you on the server
  6. Account Name: Mega_Dianite666 Server: DW1.7 Item name + item ID: 60x Rune of self-sacrifice #815 Time/date: 16/8/2017 Description of Issue: Player mined the items and dropped them, items disappeared immediately, probably an unlucky entity wipe. Evidence (optional, but highly recommended): /
  7. Looking for Skyblock (1.7.10)

    Helped player in-game. T/C
  8. Your favorite music

    When two of your favorite producers make a song together, you know its good
  9. Premium transfer?

    Please make another post here and use the correct template. T/C
  10. Rollback request DW20 1.7.10

    Is this for the 1.7 or the 1.10 server? Also, please use [Rollback request]<name>[1.7/1.10] as post title.
  11. Lose my money and items

    Please edit the post so it follows This template for the refund.
  12. Welcome to our base!

    This base was built by Craftyguy23 and me (ontario_99). We spent a lot of time on it and hope you guys like it as much as we do! Because of rendering distance limitations, it is hard to show the size and scale of these buildings in screenshots. This is why I encourage you all to come take a look in-game by doing /town spawn VineGaming2.0 or going to X: 4941, Z: 610, Y: 10. This base has multiple buildings and creations so I will show them one by one, starting off with the main base building: http://imgur.com/a/kkkli Leaving the main base behind, you go outside and follow the paths to the PVP arena and Factory (WIP) http://imgur.com/a/SVdjt Of course, a base would not be complete without magic mods! So we built another building named ''The Venus''. http://imgur.com/a/aN8jG After we built these buildings and systems, things got boring really fast and we needed a new challenge. This is when Kvittaz and Cajun_Turk joined our town. Cajun and Crafty set their goals to PVP domination by doing Witchery and BloodMagic. Since I wasn't really interested in PVP, Kvittaz and I decided to do some fun building projects. This is when we started re-creating places/buildings from our favorite movies, The Lord of the Rings. We built our own version of Barad-Dûr and Erebor. These are both still work in progress, but due to the new 1.10 server I fear they might never be finished http://imgur.com/a/7ro6E I hope you like it, any comments or tips are appreciated!
  13. Town Rollback [Hmff] DW. 1.7

    Coordinates: X -2302, Z -69, Y 57 Player needs both an inventory and town rollback, preferably to the same time.
  14. Your favorite music